SLED South Carolina Law Enforcement Division
St. Petersburg Police Department
Consolidated Edison, Inc.
Hamilton, Canada Police, RBC Canadian Open
Preakness Stakes 146
Suffolk County Correctional Facility
PGA Tour Phoenix Open
General Dynamics Mission Systems
Kentucky Department of Corrections
Maine Department of Corrections
F.E. Warren Air Force Base
Defense Innovation Unit (DIU)
Detection technology installed at ACS Aviation
Presidential Debates
Public Security Police Force of Macau
Mohawk College of Applied Arts and Technology
Korea Power Exchange KPX
Newcastle International Airport
U.S. Department of Defense (US DoD)
Neptune Terminals
Effective drone detection software platform protects prototypes from industrial espionage
Detection system used by SLED to detect DJI drones
Law enforcement agencies use Dedrone technology to detect full range of DJI drones
ConEd works with Dedrones multi-layered (Radar, RF, Aeroscope, PTZ) drone detection system
Mobile drone detection technology for law enforcement
Drone detection software for public safety – monitoring the airspace 24/7
Drone mitigation for correctional facilities
Advanced mobile drone detection system for Police Departments
Counter drone solution detects all kinds of drones including almost 100% DJI drones
Detect, locate and mitigate drone threats at prisons and get valuable information about drone activity
Stop unwanted drones from delivering contraband
Counter drone technology for US Military
C-UAS technology for the U.S. military
Detect unwanted drones at airports
Counter drone and detection technology deployed at Presidential Debates
Drone detection app for Law Enforcement
Reliable drone protection and detection for public safety
AI-enabled drone detection for Utilities
Long range drone detection systems with radar, RF and cameras prevent collisions at Airports
Counter drone (CUAS) system for US Government
Detection of all DJI drones and models at critical infrastructure
Advanced airspace surveillance detects all types of dji drones

Advanced Drone Detection Technology

The world's most secure organizations rely on Dedrone for AI-enabled automated, continuous drone detection and counter-drone (C-UAS) solutions in their lower airspace

Machine learning based drone detection

Cutting Edge sensor
data fusion

Superior drone detection with drone library

Superior detection with DedroneDNA

Market leading drone detection RF technology

Market leading RF technology

AI-based drone detection video analytics

Best-in-class AI-based video analytics


Multi-Sensor Counter Drone Platform

DedroneTracker software seamlessly integrates with a variety of sensing and counter drone  (C-UAS) technologies, enabling users to customize their drone detection platform and meet their specific needs and drone threat level.

C-UAS System for Any Industry

Organizations of all sizes can select and combine best-in-class drone detection sensors and drone jammers to secure vulnerable airspace and effectively address their specific threat profile.

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Dedrone Software
Alerts, DedroneDNA, Evidence
RF 100: Drone Detection and Reporting
RF 160
Detection and Reporting
RF 300: Detection, Localization and Tracking of Drones
RF 360
Localization and
PTZ Cameras: Detection, Visual Proof and Classification of Drones
PTZ cameras
Visual Proof and Classification
Radar Drone Detection: Tracking of non-transmitting flights
Tracking of Non-
Transmitting Flights
Counter-Drone C-UAS Technology: Jammer and Effectors
Neutralizing the Drone Threat
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Customers Rely on Dedrone

Companies of all sizes rely on Dedrone's drone detection capabilities to keep their airspace safe
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Non-US Gov’ts


US Federal Entities



Public Safety






Critical Infrastructure




G7 Nations

Kentucky Department of Corrections

Kentucky DoC stays ahead of drone threats, including contraband delivery and spying, with Dedrone's drone detection technology.

RBC Canadian Open

Hamilton, Canada Police use Dedrone's drone detection technology to protect golfers and spectators from unauthorized drones at RBC Canadian Open

World Wide Technology

By aligning with Dedrone’s drone detection and counter-drone platform, WWT gains access to the world’s most advanced airspace security toolkit.

The Latest in the C-UAS Industry

Find the latest news about drone detection and drone defense (C-UAS) around the world

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Drone Detection FAQ

We are pleased to answer the most important questions about the detection of drones . You are welcome to send us more questions.

Is there a device to detect drones?

Yes, there are devices specifically designed to detect drones. These devices are commonly known as counterdrone solutions or cUAS (counter uncrewed aerial systems) and are used by organizations for a variety of purposes, such as securing critical infrastructure, protecting privacy, and preventing unauthorized drone flights in sensitive areas. Counterdrone solutions can use a variety of technologies, including radio frequency, radar, cameras, and acoustic sensors, to detect the presence of drones and provide real-time information about their location, altitude, and flight path as well as pilot location. The type of drone detection system used will depend on the specific requirements and needs of the user, as well as the environment in which it will be used.

Is there a way to detect drones?

Yes - there are several ways to detect drones. One of the most common methods is the use of radio frequency (RF) detection systems. These systems can detect and track the drone's signal and location, providing information about its movements and altitude.

Other drone detection methods include radars which can detect the movement and location of the drone in the air, as well as PTZ (pan-tilt-zoom) cameras, which can provide visual verification of the drone. Additionally, acoustic sensors can be used to detect the sound made by the drone. The best method for detecting drones will depend on the specific situation and the requirements of the user.

Are drones difficult to detect?

In general, drones can be detected using several methods including radio frequency (“RF”), radar, cameras and acoustic sensors. However, the effectiveness and accuracy of these methods may vary depending on the type of drone, the environment, and the distance to the drone. Some circumstances can make drones more difficult to detect such as mountains or buildings or high levels of interference that can disrupt the signals of detection systems.

Is there an app that will detect drones?

Yes – Users can access drone detection, tracking and identification data through Dedrone’s app. Dedrone uses AI/ML enabled multi-sensor fusion to combine the data from multiple sensors to give the most accurate representation of drones in the airspace. Receive real-time alerts as soon as a drone enters your airspace. With Dedrone’s software solution, track live drone and pilot locations and receive automated drone activity reports. This app is meant to be used by police, first responders and other security personnel.

What is the range of drone detection?

The range of drone detection can vary depending on the technology being used and the environment that it is used in. For example, the range of radar-based drone detection systems can typically be several kilometers, depending on the type of radar and the size of the drone being detected while the range of camera-based systems can be more limited, typically several hundred meters. The range of drone detection will also depend on the environment in which anti-drone systems are being used and the presence of any obstacles that could obstruct the line of sight or block the signal being used for detection.

Can DJI Aeroscope detect non-DJI drones?

No - DJI Aeroscope cannot detect non-DJI drones. Aeroscope is a drone detection system developed by DJI, the world's largest drone manufacturer. DJI Aeroscope is specifically designed to detect and track DJI drones. DJI Aeroscope is designed to work with DJI's suite of drones, which have a unique identifier that allows them to be detected and tracked by the system. Other types of drones do not have this identifier and are therefore not detectable by DJI Aeroscope. It is important to note that the capabilities of drone detection systems will vary depending on the technology being used and the specific requirements of the user. To ensure effective drone detection and tracking, it is advisable to use a system that is specifically designed for the type of drones that are being used in a particular environment.

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