Swiss Police at Global Economic Forum

Security leaders rely on Dedrone to monitor drone activity and protect Davos attendees from airspace threats

Swiss Police at Global Economic Forum

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Davos, Switzerland

The Global Economic Forum is the International Organization for Public-Private Cooperation

→ Challenge

The annual international business meeting in Davos, Switzerland, is a multi-faceted security challenge for the police in the Canton of Graubünden. More than 3,000 high-profile international politicians, scientists, economists, and global leaders converge for the week-long event, bringing with them different levels of security needs and risks, which the event organizers and police must accommodate.

→ Solution

The Canton police airspace security program began in 2017, and each year since then, security leaders continued to rely on Dedrone's technology to monitor drone activity and protect attendees from airspace threats. Dedrone partner Riedel Communications Switzerland AG was responsible for setting up and operating the drone detection system in 2019. Riedel installed an intelligent network of different DedroneSensors, including the RF-100 and RF-300, along with PTZ video cameras for the duration of the event. The Dedrone system monitored the airspace around the clock and was able to detect and locate any drone and track its flight path. All information about invading drones was transmitted in real-time to the security forces, enabling them to identify and mitigate any threats. The DedroneTracker.AI continuously and automatically provided information about the manufacturer or the model of all drones detected and displayed the position and flight path of the drone. With this information, the police could target the flights and deploy authorized countermeasures if necessary. Security organizers had special permission to use active defeat technology in the event of an intrusion. Dedrone technology partner HP Wüst provided radio frequency jammers.

→ Result

Dedrone technology was running smoothly and protecting the airspace, granting security personnel the opportunity to focus their attention to other efforts, and respond only if there was a drone threat in the sky. The safety and security of all participants were of paramount importance, and the operations and security of the event was a success.

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With Dedrone, we have found a completely reliable and innovative partner who complements our protective measures in the area of ​​drone defense with their technology.

Spokesperson, Canton Police of Graubünden, Switzerland

Spokesperson, Canton Police of Graubünden, Switzerland

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