Dedrone Portable: Agile Drone Response Kit

Agile Drone Response Kit

SLED South Carolina Law Enforcement Division
St. Petersburg Police Department
Consolidated Edison, Inc.
Hamilton, Canada Police, RBC Canadian Open
Preakness Stakes 146
Suffolk County Correctional Facility
PGA Tour Phoenix Open
General Dynamics Mission Systems
Kentucky Department of Corrections
Maine Department of Corrections
F.E. Warren Air Force Base
Defense Innovation Unit (DIU)
Detection technology installed at ACS Aviation
Presidential Debates
Public Security Police Force of Macau
Mohawk College of Applied Arts and Technology
Korea Power Exchange KPX
Newcastle International Airport
U.S. Department of Defense (US DoD)
Neptune Terminals
Effective drone detection software platform protects prototypes from industrial espionage
Detection system used by SLED to detect DJI drones
Law enforcement agencies use Dedrone technology to detect full range of DJI drones
ConEd works with Dedrones multi-layered (Radar, RF, Aeroscope, PTZ) drone detection system
Mobile drone detection technology for law enforcement
Drone detection software for public safety – monitoring the airspace 24/7
Drone mitigation for correctional facilities
Advanced mobile drone detection system for Police Departments
Counter drone solution detects all kinds of drones including almost 100% DJI drones
Detect, locate and mitigate drone threats at prisons and get valuable information about drone activity
Stop unwanted drones from delivering contraband
Counter drone technology for US Military
C-UAS technology for the U.S. military
Detect unwanted drones at airports
Counter drone and detection technology deployed at Presidential Debates
Drone detection app for Law Enforcement
Reliable drone protection and detection for public safety
AI-enabled drone detection for Utilities
Long range drone detection systems with radar, RF and cameras prevent collisions at Airports
Counter drone (CUAS) system for US Government
Detection of all DJI drones and models at critical infrastructure
Advanced airspace surveillance detects all types of dji drones
DedronePortable plus DroneDefender
DedronePortable brand

All-in-one unit for military and governments that offers comprehensive drone detection, tracking, and identification capabilities on the go.

Key Features

  • Man portable, quick setup in less than 10 minutes, integrated LTE and GPS 
  • All components included in two cases and one carry bag with mast
  • Mitigates over 200 different drone types from 65 manufacturers including DJI, Orlan, Eleron-3, Military and Homemade RC Controllers as well as many homemade drones
  • Detection range up to 15 km
  • Multiple DedronePortable units can be combined for expanded coverage
  • Optional: DroneDefender for mitigation

All-In-One Unit

Everything required to start detecting is included in the DedronePortable enabling easy transport and set-up in less than 10 minutes.

DedronePortable Sensor Case

Sensor Case

  • DedroneSensor (Radio Frequency)
  • Ruggedized Laptop with DedroneTracker
  • Rechargeable power unit for sensor and laptop
  • Laminated field instructions
  • All cables and connectors
DedronePortable Remote Case

Remote Case

  • Cable reel (80 m/260 ft)
  • Power unit for laptop
  • Laptop power supply and charger
DedronePortable carry bag with mast

Carry bag with mast

  • Rugged and solid mast 
  • Available in two heights: 3 m and 9 m 
  • Can be anchored to the ground (nails and tools included)

How DedronePortable works

Step 1


Portable DedroneSensor (RF) set up in sensitive area.

Step 2


DedroneTracker alerts soldier (hidden in safe zone) to drone detection.

Step 3


Soldier responds and mitigates drone with DroneDefender.

What Our Customers Say

Ukrainian Armed Forces



Customer Quote

We have been working closely with the Dedrone team and have reverse engineered the RF signature of the Russian Orlan-10 drones. We are now setting-up a network of sensors to further up-level our capabilities in the conflict zone. Dedrone has been a great, agile partner to work with real time.

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DedroneTracker cUAS Solution

End-to-End Defeat Capability

Set-up in less than 10 min

Man portable

Completely passive detection

Spoofing capable (ie: ability to simulate drones)

Able to jam virtually all drones including 433 MHz,915 MHz, 2.4 GHz, 5.8 GHz

GPS, GLONASS, BeiDou, Galileo, SBAS, QZSS bands jamming

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