Smart Airspace Security and Drone 
Detection Software

DedroneTracker.AI is the world's leading smart airspace security software. At the core of Dedrone's comprehensive solution is DedroneTracker.AI. This powerful detection software utilizes input from various sensors to detect the presence of a drone, and determine drone and pilot location. Sensors include:

  • Radio frequency (RF)
  • Radar
  • Video
  • Acoustics

By analyzing behavior, imagery, flight data, and more, the AI engine provides operators with a queue of risk-prioritized targets. This drone threat analysis is achieved through autonomous background interrogation of unauthorized drones, while seamlessly tracking multiple friendly drones. Dedrone has the world’s largest customer base, enabling security teams, law enforcement and military professionals to protect 500+ sites from drone threats.

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Detect Drone and Pilot


Drone LOcation
Drone Model

Locate Pilot
Defeat drones



Counterdrone Software

DedroneTracker.AI empowers security providers to effectively address the presence of drone threats in their airspace, sending an alert directly to a security professional in the field and alerting the main security operations center. Our advanced counter-drone technology allows operators to detect drones and track, identify, and mitigate them (when legal). By utilizing data from a range of drone detection sensors, the sensor fusion engine accurately determines the precise location of both the drone and its operator. With DedroneTracker.AI, security teams can be prepared to respond to all drone threats.

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Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS)

Drones have the potential to revolutionize industries such as public safety, search and rescue, construction, and more. By allowing drones to fly Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS), their capabilities can be fully utilized. This is particularly important for use cases requiring drones to operate miles from the launch site. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) regulations require waivers for these types of drone flights to ensure safety measures are in place to prevent uncontrolled flying that jeopardizes lives and vital infrastructure. This BVLOS waiver enables drones to coexist safely with airplanes without midair collisions and that risks to people and property on the ground are minimized. DedroneTracker.AI offers the technology and capabilities to address these challenges, enabling drones to go beyond the visual line of sight and revolutionize industries.

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Enable Drone as First Responder
First Responder


Faster Response
Collision avoidance
Resource efficient

Crime Scene
Drone Detection Application with integrated sensor fusion

Sensor Fusion

Radio Frequency
DATA Streams
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Platform of Integrations: The Most Complete Application to Detect Drones

Integrating multiple systems into a single pane of glass, the DedroneTracker.AI platform is the ultimate airspace security solution that can be leveraged for early drone detection, accurate drone identification and precise flight path tracking. Dedrone leverages a database of nearly 300 drones to identify the exact drone type being flown. Users of DedroneTracker.AI can then use the appropriate method of mitigation to bring down the unauthorized drone including jamming, cyber take-over or kinetic for complete airspace security.

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Platform of Integrations

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Multiple Drone Detection Capabilities

DedroneTracker.AI can detect, track and identify multiple drones at once. The drone detection application can categorize friendly drones and only prioritize and show the flight path for unauthorized drones to stay one step ahead in the face of complex scenarios like drone swarms.

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Prioritize drone threats by risk-score


Drone Model
Drone Location
Pilot Location
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Download forensic evidence

Reporting and Forensic Evidence

A combination of forensic data is automatically captured by DedroneTracker.AI drone detection software including:

  • Drone manufacturer
  • Drone Model
  • Time and length of drone activity
  • Video Verification
  • Flight history (including flight path)

Summary reports are automatically produced and available on-demand to easily analyze the most critical airspace security data. In short, the software can be used to detect drones in the form of a drone monitoring system and can also be used to prosecute offenders with data after the unauthorized drone has been mitigated.

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DedroneTracker.AI Software Features

  • Detect All the Latest Drones
  • Localization of Drones and Pilots
  • Nearly 300 Drone Detection Library
  • Multi-Sensor Analysis
  • Scalable and Customizable
  • Sensors and Counter-Measures
  • Automated Alert System
  • Forensic Evidence
  • Automated Reporting
  • Detect Drone before Launch
Drone Detection Software Features

FAQ for drone detection software

We are pleased to answer the most important questions about drone detection software. You are welcome to send us more questions.

Is there an app to detect drones?

DedroneTracker.AI is the leading application for drone detection. DedroneTracker.AI, the most utilized drone detection software.

What is a drone detection system? 

A drone detection system can use a variety of sensors such as RF, radar, video, and acoustics, to alert to the presence of a drone. Detection is only one aspect of a comprehensive solution. Detection, Identification, tracking and mitigation are all important parts of an end-to-end drone solution.

What is the best way to detect a drone? 

Detection of drones can be performed using a variety of different methods. Drone detection is most effective when using a multi-sensor solution, like Dedrone, which can integrate a variety of sensors like RF, radar, video, and acoustics.

What companies are the best at the detection of drones?

Dedrone is the leading airspace security and drone detection company. Dedrone has the world’s largest customer base in the world, enabling security teams, law enforcement and military professionals to protect 500+ sites from drone threats.

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