Next Gen AI-Driven C2

Dedrone has gone far beyond sensor correlation to create an AI-Driven Autonomous C2 platform.We leverage both algorithm-based and machine learning-based techniques like movement model filters and convolutional neural networks to virtually eliminate false positives.

AI/ML-enabled Anti-Drone SystemAI/ML-enabled Counter-Drone Solution

AI/ML-enabled Anti-Drone Solution

Risk-Based PrioritizationRisk-Based Threat Prioritization

Risk-Based Prioritization

Autonomous AI-Based Camera InterrogationAutonomous Camera Interrogation

Autonomous AI-Based Camera Interrogation

Integrated Counter-UAS Solutions

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Counter-UAV Solutions

Deployable Drone Detection in Minutes

Everything required to start detecting is included in the DedronePortable enabling easy transport and set-up in less than 10 minutes.

Optional mitigation:  DroneDefender or DedroneDefender

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Agile Anti-Drone Solution

Dedrone Tactical is our all-in-one counter-drone solution that is designed for military and government use. The flexible plug-and-play ruggedized solution consists of a modular Base Kit for RF-based detect and defeat, paired with the Extended Radar/Camera Kit to provide visual threat confirmation and detection of autonomously navigated CsUAS. Both kits use the DedroneTracker.AI autonomous C2, giving the operator a single pane of glass
to manage all subsystems while delivering autonomous threat confirmation.

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City-Wide Drone Detection

City-Wide Drone Detection allows organizations to instantly access drone data in their airspace without needing to install or maintain hardware. Users can easily mark alert zones and receive real-time notifications when drones enter detection areas.

Our global database of drone data includes over 240 million flights and three years of data. It records flights that breach critical alert zones, violate no-fly zones, trespass over national borders, and more.

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Permanent Multi-Layer Counter-Drone Installation

DedroneFixedSite is one of our most popular anti-drone solutions. Perfect for stadiums, prisons, airports, data centers, and many more organizations that operate within a fixed area.

DedroneFixedSite is founded on an AI/ML driven platform able to deliver multi-sensor fusion accuracy for drone detection, tracking, identification, and mitigation (where allowed) to enable your team to identify and stop unauthorized drones long before they can do harm to your assets.

Our global customer base of organizations using DedroneFixedSite includes:

  • The PGA
  • US Department of Defense
  • Over 30 international airports including Newcastle International Airport
  • F.E. Warren USAF Base
  • Mohawk College
  • And hundreds more

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Multi-Layered Mobile Drone Detection Unit

DedroneRapidResponse is our same AI-powered drone detection, tracking and identification (DTI) solution built into a tow-behind trailer. This anti-drone solution is perfect for law enforcement agencies and other organizations that need a more portable drone detection system that can detect and identify UAVs over 5km away.

Set up DedroneRapidResponse in 20 minutes or less. The unit is very mobile and easy to transport via truck or SUV, comes with a self-contained generator, and multiple trailers can be networked together for larger public events.

Our global customer base of agencies and institutions using DedroneRapidResponse includes:

  • South Carolina Law Enforcement Division
  • St. Petersburg, Florida Police Department
  • Preakness Stakes 146
  • And many more

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Mitigate Unauthorized Drones

DedroneDefender Jammer
DroneDefender Jammer

DedroneDefender – Smart Jammer for Urban Environments

DedroneDefender is a lightweight, smart narrowband disruption device that is cloud-enabled for use with DedroneTracker.AI software, so users can detect, identify, locate, track, and mitigate drone threats. 

DedroneDefender reimagines mitigation technology by delivering a sleek, connected gun for targeted precision Radio Frequency (RF) jamming. Given its small, lightweight form factor and ease of use, DedroneDefender is the ideal counter-drone mitigation solution for civilian, state, and local law enforcement in urban environments.

DroneDefender – Drone Jammer for Hostile Environments

DroneDefender fits the profile for any government organization that needs to protect physical assets, people, and information from UAS attacks and intelligence gathering.

DroneDefender jams in the most common frequencies in which drones operate, including the GNSS spectrum, and effectively counters a wide range of COTS UAS. DroneDefender is used when a UAS threat is detected. It operates instantly when the trigger is engaged and breaks the communication link from the pilot to the UAS.

Software and Sensors

Ask an Airspace Security Specialist

A team of highly qualified security specialists is ready to help you secure your airspace. We have:

  • Trusted in over 30 countries worldwide
  • Proven customer success stories
  • Comprehensive data-driven threat intelligence
  • Most advanced AI-driven autonomous C2 platform
  • Solutions tailored to fit your airspace security needs

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Counter-Drone System FAQs

We are pleased to answer the most important questions about counter-drone solutions. You are welcome to send us more questions.

What are counter-drone systems?

Counter-drone systems are airspace security solutions intended to detect, track, identify, and potentially mitigate unauthorized UAVs from your organization's airspace.  

Ideally, your counter-drone system would be tailored to fit the needs of your security team. This would likely include at least radio frequency drone detection sensors, radar, PTZ drone detection cameras for video surveillance, a mobile detection unit (if necessary), drone mitigation technology (or countermeasures), and a plug & play software platform that ties it all together.

With a counter-drone system from Dedrone, your security team will receive all of that and much more.

Is there a way to block a drone signal?

There are multiple ways to block a drone signal. Most drone pilots use radio frequency remote controllers to operate the drone. That means those radio frequencies are vulnerable to jamming or spoofing technologies, which can block or confuse the drone, allowing it to be piloted by another operator or at least keeping it from receiving signals from its original controller. 

Dedrone’s drone jamming technologies (like the DedroneDefender) are very effective at blocking drone signals. But, these technologies are only available to select institutions and local/federal authorities.

What is the problem with drone technology?

The problem with drone technology is that it is advancing at such a rate that makes it nearly impossible to keep inexpensive UAV devices out of the hands of nefarious actors. Drones have become so readily available at such low prices that anyone, almost anywhere, can buy drones, even if they intend to use the drone for illegal purposes.

Drones have become a serious public safety threat for many governments and organizations, including:

  • Airports
  • Prisons
  • Stadiums
  • Governments/Militaries
  • Critical Infrastructure
  • Data Centers
  • And many more

What is counter-UAS?

Counter-UAS (Unmanned Aerial Systems), or C-UAS, refers to multi-layered security solutions that are engineered to detect, identify, track, and mitigate unwanted and unmanned aerial vehicles.

Counter-UAS, or C-UAS, is often used when discussing these security solutions in a military setting, but these counter-UAS systems are also available to qualifying public-sector organizations.

What is the problem with counter-UAS?

The problem with many counter-UAS systems and the companies that provide them is that many organizations don’t have the resources to actually deliver what they say they’re selling. As a global company with over 300 counter-UAS systems positioned in over 40 countries, we understand your organization doesn’t have the time or money to waste on low quality drone detection products that leave your people and your facilities vulnerable to nefarious drone operators.When you purchase a Dedrone counter-UAS system, you can rest assured that your team will be using the latest, most advanced anti-drone systems and technology in the world.

How does the US defend against drones?

Many US federal and local institutions choose Dedrone anti-drone systems to protect their facilities and their people from unauthorized drones. The US Army, Department of Defense, Air Force, and many local law enforcement agencies rely on Dedrone counter-UAV solutions every single day.

What is the best anti-drone system?

The best anti-drone system is one that includes multiple layers, sensors, detection methods, automatic alerts and notifications, and a machine learning software solution to integrate all of it. With Dedrone anti-drone systems, you get all of that and much more. 

Depending on your organization's needs, your anti-drone system might be one or more of the following:

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