DedroneTactical - CsUAS Solution

Agile CsUAS Expeditionary Kit for any sUAS-based threat profile and location

Counter drone Kit with Jammer
Couner-UAV Kit with PTZ and Radar
CsUAS Kit for any threat profile
Agile Counter-Drone Kit
Military C-UAS Kit

Modular and Scalable
Plug-and-play RF detect, radar, camera and defeat

Easy Transport and Set-Up
Packed in cases; quick and easy toolless set-up and tear-down

Autonomous C2 threat prioritization on one screen

Base KitExtended Kit
Counter-drone solution Orlan-10

DedroneTactical was created in close collaboration with our most strategic federal customers to fill the current capability gap for a complete CsUAS kill-chain and support the requirements of the expeditionary war fighter in today’s Agile Combat Employment (ACE) mission.
— Rob Campbell, Head of US Federal Business

Dedrone has been a great, agile partner to work with real time.We have been working closely with the Dedrone team and have reverse engineered the RF signature of the Russian Orlan-10 drones. We are now setting-up a network of sensors to further up-level our capabilities in the conflict zone.
— Representative of Ukrainian Military Forces on the eastern Ukraine front line, first name Volodymyr

Complete CsUAS Kill-Chain Solution for the ACE Mission

DedroneTactical Base Kit with Jammer and RF Sensors for Military

Base Kit

Base Kit enables RF detect and defeat on one mast. It includes ruggedized laptop, several ruggedized radio frequency (RF) sensors, RF-based defeat capability, mast and associated peripherals.

  • DedroneTracker.AI C2 for autonomous system performance with minimal false positives
  • RF Detection with 360 Degrees Spatial Coverage
  • Robust library of 250 protocols
  • EW Defeat Capability
  • Easily expandable to incorporate multiple remote nodes or other tactical sensors via a mesh network

Easily deployed via 6 ruggedized cases

Extended Kit

Extended Kit adds a second mast with radar and camera capabilities to enable both non-RF drone detection for autonomously navigated drones and visual threat confirmation.

  • DedroneTracker.AI C2 for autonomous system performance with minimal false positives
  • AI-enabled 360 degrees spatial radar detection with prioritized threat analytics
  • AI-enabled 360 degrees spatial camera coverage with autonomous image recognition and threat confirmation
DedroneTactcial - Extended Kit with PTZ Camera and Radar for US Government

Easily deployed via 5 ruggedized cases

For US Gov and Mission Partners
Autonomous AI‑Driven C2

All configurations use DedroneTracker.AI, both kits use the DedroneTracker.AI C2, giving the operator a single pane of glass to manage all subsystems while delivering autonomous threat confirmation. Autonomous C2 Counter-Drone Software

AI-driven autonomous C2 platform

Hardware agnostic multi-sensor fusion

Autonomous AI-based camera interrogation

Autonomous risk-based prioritization

Virtually eliminates false positives

Extensive sUAS library

Your mission is our mission

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