VIPs and Private Property

A homeowner’s greatest fear is an unwanted intruder and invasion of their privacy and property. Burglar alarms, fences, and locks on doors are deployed in homes across the world to prevent crime and protect families and their belongings. As more drones take the skies in neighborhood parks, playgrounds and rooftops, a homeowner’s airspace is now at risk of interruptions and spying.

dedrone Solutions

  • Protect privacy against spies and paparazzi
  • Alert on drones over homes, pools, yachts, and other property
  • Integrate with security operations

Case Study

Royal Family of Qatar

During the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, the Royal Family of Qatar stayed in a private residence surrounded by water. Security needed to ensure that no intruders would fly in from the air. The residence was located in an area of Rio where many journalists were working and looking for stories. Multiple Dedrone Sensors were mounted to facades of the building, monitoring the sky around the clock. The system worked fully automatically, totaling 720 hours of airspace protection.

The Royal Family of Qatar was also very satisfied, since they could move around the residence without having to fear drones were taking pictures or doing worse.

Gustavo Vicentini, CEO Computrade (Dedrone Partner)

How Dedrone Can Help

Detect drone

DedroneSensors detect drones up to 5 km away and give early warning of drone-based threats, often even before the drone takes off.

Alert Security Teams

Warnings and alerts are triggered automatically and can be sent to a mobile phone, monitoring platform, or any API-compatible system.

Seize Contraband

By knowing exactly when and where a rogue drone intrudes, authorities can seize any contraband the drone drops.

Capture drone

Once a drone is disabled, it can be retrieved, confiscated, and examined to determine the nature of the threat.

Track drone

By incorporating DedroneSensors and other sensors, such as camera, users can track the flight path of the drone and reveal the location of the pilot.

Provide evidence

All alerts, flight paths, and video footage of drone threats are automatically recorded and catalogued. These are easily exported to share with law enforcement.

Locate and arrest pilot

Dedrone’s direction-finding technology locates the positions of drones and their pilots, adding important situational awareness of the airspace.

Harden Security

Drones often look for security gaps, on both physical and IT infrastructure. By identifying potential areas of exploit, teams can examine their security for potential gaps.

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