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We protect organizations from malicious drones.

Our Story

Drone technology has advanced tremendously in the past few years, and today drones significantly aid in surveying, disaster relief, delivery, and myriad business and consumer applications. In the wrong hands, however, a drone’s accessibility, capabilities, and ease of flying makes it especially suitable for hacking, surveillance, and terrorism. Dedrone protects organizations from malicious drones by securing the airspace using advanced hardware and software technology.


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march 2018

Dedrone releases enterprise-grade RF localization sensors to find drones and their pilots.

November 2017

Dedrone releases a major enhancement their DroneTracker software, enabling organizations to easily find how many drones are in their airspace

April 2017

Four Unicorn CEOs invest in Dedrone and Dedrone releases major software update

may 2016

Dedrone raises $10 million in series A funding, led by Menlo Ventures

April 2015

Dedrone receives $3 million in seed funding from venture firm Target Partners

May 2017

Dedrone raises $15 million in Series B funding, led by Felicis Ventures and John Chambers, ex-CEO of Cisco

November 2016

Dedrone partners Deutsche Telekom, who offer Dedrone as part of their Magenta Security solution

January 2016

Dedrone relocates its
headquarters to San Francisco

January 2015

Dedrone’s first product is launched into the market

february 2014

Dedrone is founded and begins development of its first prototype

August 2018

Dedrone wins Thunderdrone’s Game of Drones competition

September 2018

Dedrone introduces swarm detection capabilities with DroneTracker 3.5

April 2019

DroneTracker 4 released, including heat maps and advanced airspace analytics

Our Team

Joerg Lamprecht

ceo, co-founder

Joerg Lamprecht is one of Germany's most successful entrepreneurs, having co-founded several companies and led them to successful exits, including Aibotix, a manufacturer of drones for surveyors and engineers, which was acquired in February 2014 by Swedish Hexagon Group. Joerg co-founded Dedrone in 2014 and has led the team since its inception.

Ingo Seebach

COO, CO-Founder

Ingo studied at the Braunschweig University of Technology and received  his PhD in surface engineering at the Frauenhofer Institute. In 2013 when a toy drone crashed into a stage in front of Angela Merkel, Ingo was the first to have the idea of creating technology to protect from drone threats. Later he founded Dedrone with Jörg Lamprecht and Rene Seeber. At Dedrone Ingo is responsible for hardware development and production, as well as the company's accounting control.

Rene Seeber

CtO, CO-Founder

Rene founded his first company together with Jörg Lamprecht while studying math and computer science at the University of Kassel. The company was later bought by Internet Security Systems (ISS) in 2004, and ISS was taken over by IBM in 2007. In 2009 he co-founded JouleX, which was acquired by Cisco in 2013, and he remained there as CTO of Cisco's EnergyWise technology until joining Dedrone. Today, Rene applies his experience as a founder and architect of complex, innovative software products in his role as CTO and manager of software and technology development at Dedrone.

David Greenberg

Head of Sales

Focused on top line growth, David brings over 10 years of experience driving sales to reach their goals across startups and established companies.

David Prantl

VP of Technology

A technology leader across startups and established companies in enterprise networking, security, and energy management, David’s breadth and depth of experience helps connect Dedrone technology to its customers.

John Fernandez

Chief Financial Officer

John brings core expertise in M&A, scaling organizations in advance of a public offering (e.g., while at Netflix, NetLogic Microsystems, Audience), and raising debt and equity capital.

Phil Pitsky

VP of U.S. Federal Operations

A US Navy Veteran trained in Signals Intelligence & Electronic Warfare, Phil brings over 20 years of military, government and defense expertise

Our Employees

Though our employees are located across many continents, the Dedrone team feels like one. A mix of folks from successful startups, large enterprises, prestigious universities, and even pure science, we work diligently to develop technology that solves the most advanced security challenges our customers face today.






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Stefan Quandt

Chairman & Managing Director, AQTON

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