South Carolina Law Enforcement Division (SLED)

SLED selects Dedrone to protect their Annual Cooper River Bridge Run from Unauthorized Drones


State and Local Law Enforcement




Charleston South Carolina

The Cooper River Bridge Run is the best organized and best conducted 10-K race in the world.

→ Challenge

SLED needed a scalable cUAS solution that was flexible enough to be deployed in a highly complex environment and detect a variety of drone models. Through extensive industry study/RFP process, SLED identified Dedrone and TMG as the clear cUAS market leaders and were able to successfully fund a drone detection program through the Port Security Grant Program.

→ Solution

SLED selected Dedrone’s Smart Airspace Security solution through Threat Management Group to protect their annual Bridge Run in 2021 and 2022. They leveraged a combination of DedroneSensors in a hybrid configuration. In 2021, SLED deployed mobile DedroneSensors on  their marine patrol vessel for quick response on the water and installed DedroneSensors in a fixed set up around the bridge / for wide area coverage.

→ Result

SLED was able to identify, locate and track unauthorized drone pilots to ensure the protection of racers, spectators, and race day personnel. SLED successfully located and identified multiple unauthorized pilots throughout the race and educated them on the risks of flying during the event. Using the knowledge gained from the 2021 event, SLED was able to improve their prevention approach and reduce overall unauthorized drone flights in 2022. Thanks to TMG, SLED and Dedrone, the 2021 and 2022 Cooper River Bridge Run was the safest, most secure 10K in the history of our annual race. Three different drones were intercepted during the 2021 and 2022 races where law enforcement was able to locate, intercept, and speak to the pilots.

Customer quotation mark

SLED did an extensive cUAS industry study of drone detection capabilities and identified Dedrone as the clear market leader. Their ease of deployment, robust drone detection library and simplicity of the UI allowed us to successfully protect our annual Bridge Run.

Trey Elrod, SLED (South Carolina Law Enforcement Division)

Trey Elrod, SLED (South Carolina Law Enforcement Division)

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