Counter-Drone Solution

Permanent Multi-Layered Drone Protection on Site

Deployed at
DedroneTracker cUAS Solution

The Dedrone Solution Enables You to

Identify UAS risks and take precautions

Real-time alert when a drone enters your airspace

Distinguish authorized from unauthorized UAS

Locate both drone and pilot

Respond and mitigate drone threats

Capture and record forensic evidence for legal action

Make strategic decisions and design SOPs based on real data

Extend your Standard Operating Procedure (SOP)

Multi-Sensor Fusion Powered by AI/ML

DedroneSensors (RF), radar and PTZ cameras can be combined to secure vulnerable airspace and effectively address their specific threat profile.

DedroneSensor RF

DedroneSensor (RF)

The DedroneSensors receive and analyze RF signals and are able to detect and locate drones and their pilots.

  • Great range  up to 10 km
  • Passive detection
  • Installed quickly and easily
PTZ Camera

PTZ camera

PTZ cameras have a Pan, Tilt, and Zoom function. Thanks to the powerful zoom, even small drones can be detected at great distances. Optical sensors enable visual verification of drone incursions. High-resolution video can provide security providers with visual evidence of a drone's payload, allowing them to react to the observable threat.

  • Visual auto-tracking
  • Payload identification
  • Recording of forensic evidence


A radar system sends a pulse of electromagnetic radiation and measures the time it takes for that pulse to be reflected back. Radars are able to increase range of detection across multiple flying objects.

  • Simultaneous detection of multiple drones
  • Independent of light and weather conditions
  • Localization including determination of the altitude

How it works

Step 1


DedroneSensor (RF), PTZ Camera and Radar deployed at Stadium

Step 2


DedroneTracker Command and Control (C2) provides both drone and pilot location based on the autonomous multi-sensor and track fusion algorithms.

Step 3


DedroneTracker  C2 enables officers to respond to threat according to SOPs.

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