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DedroneTracker: End-to-End Solution

This video offers a complete summary of Dedrone delivering true Smart Airspace Security including Detect, Identify, Track, Analyze and Mitigate. The viewer will also see Dedrone's sensor fusion capability leveraging input from RF sensors and PTZ cameras.

Dedrone Smart Airspace Security

Dedrone is the market leader in airspace security, protecting people, property and information against unauthorized and malicious drones.

Understand Drone Activity in Your Airspace

Watch in this video how DedroneTracker triggers and displays drone alerts in real-time. You’ll also learn more about Dedrone’s comprehensive analytics and reporting functions to understand drone activity in your airspace in order to develop targeted, data-driven security measures.

Market-Leading Counter-Drone Technology

Dedrone integrates its own sensors and sensors from leading manufacturers into a highly efficient detection network: DedroneSensors, PTZ cameras, radar systems.

Airspace Security with the DroneTracker

A short introduction to the Dedrone solution, including our DedroneTracker software connected to multiple sensors for detection and classification of drone-based threats.

Detect, Classify, Track and Defeat a Drone

This video provides a short demonstration of Dedrone’s software, DedroneTracker, which detects, classifies, locates, and when authorized for use, mitigates drones. DroneTracker automatically synthesizes sensor data and provides immediate alerts of unauthorized drone activity, enabling security providers to safeguard their premises.

Stopping Drone Contraband at Kentucky DOC

Kentucky Department of Corrections is getting ahead of drone threats, including contraband delivery and spying, with Dedrone technology.

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