Dedrone Rapid Response Mobile Counter Drone Solution

Multi-Layered Mobile Drone Detection Unit

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AI-powered drone detection, tracking and identification (DTI) solution in a mobile platform attached to a tower. Trailer platform can be easily towed and maneuvered using an SUV or truck.

Key Features

  • Quick setup in less than 20 minutes
  • Multi-sensor set-up can include RF, radar, cameras and more
  • Autonomous C2 with AI/ML enhanced sensor fusion
  • Mobile and easy to transport
  • Multiple trailers can be networked to for larger public events
  • Does not implicate Title 18
  • Self-contained generator
  • Cloud-enabled software allows for easy access across locations and officers

Mobile Multi-Layered Solution

Multi-sensor set-up can include RF, radar, cameras and more

Dedrone Rapid Response Multi Sensor

Pre-Assembled Multi-Layered Solution

DedroneRapidResponse and DedroneTracker software with integrated multi-sensor fusion detects, identifies and locates drones in real-time.

  • RF range: Up to 5 km
  • PTZ range: Up to 1 km
  • Radar range: Up to 1 km
DedroneSensor RF

DedroneSensor (RF)

DedroneSensors receive and analyze radio frequency signals and are able to detect and locate drones and their pilots.

  • Great range  up to 5 km
  • Passive detection
  • Classifies over 200 drone types
PTZ Camera

PTZ camera

DedroneTracker software has an intelligent video analysis capability, which detects and locates drones in real-time.

  • Detection of autonomous drones
  • Visual auto-tracking
  • Payload identification


DedroneTracker's multi-sensor fusion capabilities and the built-in filtering and imaging AI eliminate false positives with radar and verify the locations of drones and their pilots.

  • Advanced ESA radar performance
  • Independent of light and weather conditions
  • Simultaneous detection of multiple drones

How it works

Dedrone Rapid Response Police

Trailer platform can be easily towed and maneuvered using an SUV or truck

Step 1


Single Command and Control for all CUAS needs

Step 2


DedroneTracker detects, identifies and locates drone

Step 3


DedroneTracker provides pilot location. Officers approach pilot.

What Our Customers Say

St. Petersburg Police Department


ST. Petersburg Police Department

Customer Quote

Dedrone was the ideal partner to help us provide an ‘eye in the sky’ and protect against illegal drones in the no-fly zone. We are proud to be the first police department in the US to deploy such sophisticated technology, as part of our larger commitment to ensuring that our entire community remains safe and secure.

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DedroneTracker cUAS Solution

The Dedrone Solution Enables You to

Identify UAS risks and take precautions

Real-time alert when a drone enters your airspace

Distinguish authorized from unauthorized UAS

Locate both drone and pilot

Respond and mitigate drone threats

Capture and record forensic evidence for legal action

Make strategic decisions and design SOPs based on real data

Extend your Standard Operating Procedure (SOP)

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