City-Wide Drone Detection Service

Zero-Install Airspace Security

SLED South Carolina Law Enforcement Division
St. Petersburg Police Department
Consolidated Edison, Inc.
Hamilton, Canada Police, RBC Canadian Open
Preakness Stakes 146
Suffolk County Correctional Facility
PGA Tour Phoenix Open
General Dynamics Mission Systems
Kentucky Department of Corrections
Maine Department of Corrections
F.E. Warren Air Force Base
Defense Innovation Unit (DIU)
Detection technology installed at ACS Aviation
Presidential Debates
Public Security Police Force of Macau
Mohawk College of Applied Arts and Technology
Korea Power Exchange KPX
Newcastle International Airport
U.S. Department of Defense (US DoD)
Neptune Terminals
Effective drone detection software platform protects prototypes from industrial espionage
Detection system used by SLED to detect DJI drones
Law enforcement agencies use Dedrone technology to detect full range of DJI drones
ConEd works with Dedrones multi-layered (Radar, RF, Aeroscope, PTZ) drone detection system
Mobile drone detection technology for law enforcement
Drone detection software for public safety – monitoring the airspace 24/7
Drone mitigation for correctional facilities
Advanced mobile drone detection system for Police Departments
Counter drone solution detects all kinds of drones including almost 100% DJI drones
Detect, locate and mitigate drone threats at prisons and get valuable information about drone activity
Stop unwanted drones from delivering contraband
Counter drone technology for US Military
C-UAS technology for the U.S. military
Detect unwanted drones at airports
Counter drone and detection technology deployed at Presidential Debates
Drone detection app for Law Enforcement
Reliable drone protection and detection for public safety
AI-enabled drone detection for Utilities
Long range drone detection systems with radar, RF and cameras prevent collisions at Airports
Counter drone (CUAS) system for US Government
Detection of all DJI drones and models at critical infrastructure
Advanced airspace surveillance detects all types of dji drones

City Wide Drone Detection for Any Industry

DedroneCityWide allows organizations to instantly access drone data in their airspace without needing to install or maintain hardware. Users can easily mark alert zones and receive real-time notifications when drones enter detection areas.

Drone Detection as a Service

The World’s Most Trusted Drone Detection App

Email Notifications
Instant notification to user defined email distribution lists for active drone intrusion information.

Text Alerts
Streamline your dispatch process with instant Text Alerts the moment your alert zone(s) are breached. User will receive notification as well as map link for Pilot’s GPS location.

Create Custom Email/Text Distribution Lists
Enable one or many to receive alert notifications utilizing our simplistic distribution platform.

Data-Driven Threat Intelligence

Dedrone offers the deepest threat intelligence database in the industry with 4+ years of data and over 550 million drone detections.

9.2 M

Drone Flights

1.1 M

Unique Drone ID’s

550 M+

Drone Detections


Daily Users


Daily Text Alerts


Sensor Deployments


24/7 Monitored Zones


Cities in the US

Available Now in over 50 Cities and Counting

Airspace Security Starts Where the Fence Ends

Our global database of drone data includes over 430 million flights and three years of data. It records flights that breach critical alert zones, violate no-fly zones, trespass over national borders, and more.

Risk score for drones and pilots

Easily Monitor Live Drone Flights
A simple interface allows you
to monitor all critical drone data
in one screen.

Identify Drone S/N And Flight Data
Gain access to drone data such as model, serial #, Drone & Pilot location and altitude.

Monitor Multiple Geographic Areas
Easily monitor your area of
interest, or areas of interest
if using multiple sensors.

Quickly Identify Pilot Location
Instantly reveal the pilot’s real time GPS location.

Get Alert Zone Notifications
Get push notifications directly to your phone the moment an Alert Zone has been breached.

Add Comments To Drones Of Interest
Keep track of specific drones or flights and archive critical data through a simple tap and comment feature.

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Customer Quote

After serving as Chief of the FBI’s counter-UAS unit, I knew Dedrone was the ideal airspace security partner to protect people, property, and information from the persistent and escalating threat of drones in the
private sector.

Rob D’Amico,
former FBI C-UAS Unit Chief

Software and App for City-Wide Drone Detection

Drone Countermeasures and Mitigation

Detecting the drone /pilot in your airspace is a prerequisite to neutralizing the threat and securing your airspace.

  • Locate the drone and pilot with the DedroneCityWide Detection App
  • Inform security personnel and/or local authorities of the pilot’s location
  • Follow SOPs to respond to drone threat
  • Optional smart jamming with DedroneDefender (as the law allows)
Customer Quote

The Dedrone solution makes it possible to determine the height, route and, most importantly, the location of a drone’s remote pilot, which is essential for detecting any potential law-breaking. We will use Dedrone to ensure public safety, including during public events, in order to prevent violations, including those that may threaten the safety of the public.

MĀRIS VITKOVSKI, Representative of the State Police of Latvia responsible for uncrewed aerial systems (UAS) and air navigation

Police, Law Enforcement, Local Government

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