Volke (automotive design)

Volke (automotive design)

Volke secures airspace to protect against corporate espionage.



Corporate Espionage








Volke is the world’s leader in technical development in automobile design

Discovered espionage of their intellectual property by competitors using unauthorized drones

Deployed Dedrone solution to fully protect their airspace from corporate espionage

Dedrone’s cost-efficient and effective drone detection software platform enables us to protect our newest automobile prototypes from industrial espionage and snooping photographers.

Guido Naujoks, Volke


Volke is the world’s leader in technical development in automobile design. For more than 30 years, they’ve developed well-engineered vehicle prototypes, from the initial idea, to series production readiness. Protection of their intellectual property is paramount as they build and test vehicles on their outdoor tracks. When they started seeing drones in their airspace, and spy cameras taking images, they came to Dedrone to develop a surveillance and defense system, ensuring their airspace was protected from competitors.


Dedrone surveyed the land around Volke's car tracks, R&D and manufacturing facilities to assess where there were gaps in their security, and the DedroneTracker would be most effective. Volke was then served by four cameras and three DedroneSensors, creating a network of secured airspace, and alerting them to a drone in their airspace when it was one kilometer away.


Volke worked with Dedrone to set up the DedroneTracker to automatically deploy an alerts and countermeasures when drones are present. As a result, they are fully protected from corporate and industrial espionage.

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