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We have been successfully testing the Dedrone system at our headquarters for several years, with the goal of deploying the Dedrone solution at all of our utilities in the medium term.

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A Security Gap in the Airspace

Modern data centers must meet very high security standards. Drones are a new threat to challenge existing security systems. Drones can easily enter a protected perimeter and use cameras to surveil property, people and operations. A data center without knowledge of drone activity in their airspace may open a dragnet of new security issues.


Data Centers
Rely on Dedrone

Anti-Drone Platform

Drones at data centers can be misused for:

  • Scouting existing security systems and identifying customers, personnel, and suppliers
  • Taking aerial images of data centers under construction to derive floorplans, and locate IT sensitive areas, and power lines
  • Crashing into or destroying external technical components
  • Interfering with detectors, compromising airconditioning/ cooling systems

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How Dedrone can help


Protect airspace

Define your airspace: Set up a customizable, pre-determined perimeter around the data center.

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Protect airspace from malicious drones
Detect drones


Detect drone

DedroneTracker.AI software detects, identifies, and locates unauthorized drones and their pilots. Dedrone gives early warning of drone-based threats, often before the drone takes off.

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Identify drone

Based on Friend/Foe rules, DedroneTracker.AI automatically sends alerts to security teams when an unauthorized drone is detected.

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Identify drones
Track drones and pilots


Track drone

By incorporating DedroneSensors and other sensors, such as a camera or radar, users can track the flight path of the drone and determine the location of the pilot.

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Locate threat

Dedrone not only locates the position of the drone, but also the pilot, enabling security teams to quickly mitigate the threat.

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Locate threat
Harden security


Harden security

Predictive analytics enable security teams to evaluate current security measures for potential gaps like popular take-off and landing locations and update SOPs accordingly. Dedrone data also provides evidence to share with law enforcement.

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Meet DedroneTracker.AI

Detect, identify, track and analyze drone activity and their pilots with DedroneTracker.AI, a web-based solution that makes it easy to mitigate drone threats.

DedroneTracker in action

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