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A homeowner’s greatest fear is an unwanted intruder and invasion of their privacy and property. Burglar alarms, fences, and locks on doors are deployed in homes across the world to prevent crime and protect families and their belongings. As more drones take the skies in neighborhood parks, playgrounds and rooftops, a homeowner’s airspace is now at risk of interruptions and spying.

As much as private individuals want to protect their property, it is a federal crime in the U.S. to interfere with or tamper with a drone in flight. As a drone is classified in the same way as passenger aircraft in the eyes of the FAA, and with many other global aviation regulatory bodies, actors outside of the military cannot strike down or capture a drone. Individuals can take action against spies on their property by integrating a proactive detection program into their existing security system.

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Latest drone incidents

For individuals whose privacy is constantly compromised, whether through stalkers or paparazzi, drones now provide what a helicopter or telephoto lens cannot - discretion and swift action. When photographs of celebrities and politicians are being monetized, a drone could not just mean a spy is in the air.

Their well-being would suffer if they could not enjoy the comforts of their own home and yards. Private individuals experienced multiple drone incidents firsthand in the first half of 2017, and were involved with the following activities:

  • Australian television host shares live updates of paparazzi drone in her backyard: After spotting a drone hovering around her backyard, Sydney-based journalist Sam Armytage was proactive on her stance with stalking, and shared with her social media followers, “ANY women’s magazines or online gossip sites who buy these creepy pictures, had better be prepared for a fight.”

  • Champion golfer integrates anti-drone technology to maintain privacy at his outdoor wedding: U.S. Open and PGA Champion golfer Rory McIlroy held an outdoor wedding in Ireland and installed drone detection security to proactively detect paparazzi drones, prevent interruptions, and ensure the privacy of his VIP guests.

  • Paparazzi drone following Prince William nearly crashes with his rescue helicopter: Prince William’s air ambulance came within half a second of a catastrophic mid-air collision with a remote-controlled drone. The near-miss happened at 1,900ft when the helicopter, with three medical staff and two pilots on board, was flying almost directly over a McDonald’s restaurant filled with families.

  • Fashion model Kendall Jenner spots drone near home, following a major security breach: In response to a robbery from her home, Kendall Jenner amplified security at her residence. Shortly afterwards, they spotted a 4-rotor drone spying on her and her property.

Protect your privacy

Individuals that react against drones by shooting them down or capturing them could be held liable for damages, and will also be in direct violation of federal law. Few protections exist for homeowners against spying drones, which is why proactive detection is even more critical for security programs. Closing blinds, putting up umbrellas, or moving a party indoors will deter spies and indicate that they are not only unwelcome, but also deem them incapable of capturing intimate moments that they could capitalize on.

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