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Not only do drones have the ability to discretely spy on corporate operations, risking information leaks, but also an interruption of a data center’s operation can cause system malfunctions and server failures. Financial damages, including losses by customers, diminish brand image and prompt a loss of client confidence. Drones are enabling new avenues for hackers and terrorists, who can use drones to carry payloads of any kind.

The FAA and other federal regulatory bodies are significantly behind in developing and enforcing regulations to protect vulnerable buildings, and drone operators can easily evade and ignore existing regulations. Data centers and organizations with critical infrastructure must proactively protect their airspace and vulnerable buildings from unauthorized drone activity.

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for Data Centers and Corporations

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  • Mitigate all drone threats

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Latest drone incidents

Corporations such as Volke, the world’s leader in technical development in automobile design, place priority on the protection of their intellectual property. It’s paramount to protect assets as they build and test concept vehicles on their outdoor tracks. After successfully integrating on-ground barriers for spies, they started seeing drones with cameras in their airspace. In addition to intellectual property and copyright infringement issues, corporations are also on alert during high-profile meetings.

Small details such as identifying the attendees could compromise a business deal. Where telephoto cameras used to be the surveillance tool of choice for investigators and spies, drones are now taking their place due to their accessibility, ease of use, and discretion. Corporations and data centers experienced multiple drone incidents firsthand in the first half of 2017, and were involved with the following activities:

  • U.S. federal privacy laws won’t necessarily protect you from spying drones: While currently there are laws to protect individuals against people stalking or spying on them in their homes, there are no federal laws in place that would protect individuals from being spied on specifically by a drone.

  • Malware lets a drone steal data by watching a computer’s blinking LED: An alarming hacking technique has been uncovered, which uses drones to detect vulnerabilities in computers. If a computer is infected, a drone with a camera can be deployed to hover outside a window, and collect data.

Protect your airspace proactively

Drone protection for data centers and corporations is no longer theory – it’s a practice in place today since any drone user is capable of causing millions in damages. Drones threaten the physical security of corporations, and consequently, their cybersecurity. With an understanding of the threat that drones pose, as well as a proactive plan in place to protect critical infrastructure, security officers at data centers and corporations will be a significant step ahead of hackers, spies, and terrorists.

Automatic Anti-Drone

An airspace security platform that detects, classifies and mitigates all drone threats.

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