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The Release of DedroneTracker.AI 6.0


Dimitrij Borisov

Dedrone Officially Launches DedroneTracker.AI 6.0!

We are excited to announce the general availability of our latest major release v6.0 of DedroneTracker – now named DedroneTracker.AI. We have officially taken the DedroneTracker.AI platform to the next level!

In this blog, we offer a summary of what makes this release standout above and beyond the many general usability, security, and system stability improvements. All new capabilities in DedroneTracker.AI version 6.0 include:

  • Risk Intelligence
  • Built-in Mitigation Workflow
  • Alert Consolidation
  • Enhanced Map Display Options
  • Full DJI Decoding Support – including Lightbridge

Dedrone is the most trusted provider of smart airspace security. Building upon DedroneTracker 5.0, which achieved the highest levels of software security, certified by Veracode, DedroneTracker.AI has delivers step change improvements!

1. Risk Intelligence

DedroneTracker.AI now calculates a score based on flight patterns around points of interest, zones, and alert rules. Risk Intelligence is designed to enable a single user monitor large areas by identifying and prioritizing potentially dangerous targets. This capability is especially helpful when integrating radar and camera systems.

In this release, the following features are available for use with risk intelligence:

  • Verified/Unverified alert list in UI
  • Risk-based PTZ assignment logic
  • Grouping of targets/unverified by their risk-level or alert-type

Additionally, manual verification and DedroneTracker.AI verification have been implemented. Unverified targets can be manually verified through a Friend, Foe, and now Verified actions. Verified will preserve theRisk Score of an unverified target and move it to the Verified tab. DedroneTracker.AI verification will prioritize PTZ assignment to Verified tracks with the highest Risk Score. If there are no Verified targets,Unverified targets will be interrogated. PTZ cameras will now exhibit two different behaviors in the DedroneTracker.AI System: Track and Scan.

2. Defeat Manager: Built in Mitigation Workflow

The Defeat Manager has been redesigned. The Defeat Manager now allows operators to engage with any integrated jammer directly from the DedroneTracker.AI user interface, seamlessly.

3. Alert Consolidation

Alerts will now be consolidated automatically (called Groups) or manually by the user (called Events). In this release, the following features are available for use with alert consolidation today:

  • New feature to create consolidated alerts
  • Added two consolidating types: GROUP and EVENTS
  • New  automatic alert consolidation (default)
  • Added initial alert consolidating for existing alerts (deactivated)
  • Redesigned the alert replay to easily control the replay of a single alert or all alerts in a group or event.

4. Enhanced Map Display Options

The User Interface now has an extended mapping capabilities, including:

  • Map Overlay
  • RF Bearing
  • PTZ Bearing
  • Target Tag Display w/ four different versions:
    - Off: No Target Tag is displayed.
    - On: Target Tag with flight details is displayed.
    - Sensors Only: Target Tag with flight details and sensors involved (including the Count of Sensors) is displayed.
    - Sensors with Sources: Target Tag with flight details and the list of   sensors used are displayed.

5. Full DJI Decoding Support – including Lightbridge

The RF DedroneSensor now has a new DJI LightBridge detector (requires DedroneDNA v6.0) to detect DJI LightBridge drones live with all details including GPS position, drone’s home position, and more. Other important and noteworthy improvements of the RF DedroneSensor include:

  • Reduced scanning time
  • Improved Wi-Fi localization
  • Expanded DJI drone library
  • Improved drone tracking
  • Enhanced DroneID decoding
  • New RF detectors
  • Enhanced OcuSync DroneID detection

For more information on Dedrone and how you can access DedroneTracker.AI, contact us anytime at


July 12, 2023

| Updated

September 5, 2023

About the author

Dimi is the QA Manager at Dedrone, driving Dedrone’s software and hardware product quality and release management for Dedrone products, including DedroneTracker.AI, since 2016.

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