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The Release of DedroneTracker 5.1


Dimitrij Borisov

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Although this is “just “ a “dot release”, I wanted to take a moment to express how proud I am of the entire Dedrone development team. Every member worked hard to fulfil our goal to deliver the absolute best-in-class C-UAS solution the market has to offer. We thrive on making our customers successful – it makes our day! So, if you have an idea or improvement suggestion, always feel free to send it to: “”

When an unwanted drone enters your airspace, we know response time matters. DedroneTracker, Dedrone’s software platform, analyzes data from a variety of sensor inputs to detect, identify, locate and analyze drone activity.

Dedrone is proud to release DedroneTracker 5.1, delivering a true Command and Control solution for all anti-drone systems with additional integrations, updated design elements for ease-of-use and various additional enhanced capabilities. Below, we offer you a summary of the release highlights. We are constantly working on all aspects of quality and reliability, and this release includes many more fixes and improvements in this blog. Key updates in DedroneTracker 5.1 include:

  • Command and Control (C2) for C-UAS
  • Enhanced User Experience and Analytics
  • Improved Camera Controls and Image Resolution
  • Additional Drone Identification Capabilities


1. Command and Control Solution (C2) for C-UAS

DedroneTracker 5.1 has expanded its library of approved and tested integrations through API’s as well as with the implementation of the industry standardized plug-in framework called OSGi. In this release, the following plug-ins have been added to the DedroneTracker library and are available for use today:

  • ADS-B integration plug-in
  • Gamekeeper Radar
  • RADA Radar
  • Robin Radar
  • Skyview (Verus)
  • Genetec

Beyond the integrations named above, it is now easier to add additional integrations as Dedrone's customer base requires. Future integrations could include new sensors or new software platforms. Additionally, an engineering team has been stood up to continuously develop and test integrations to DedroneTracker as needed, to ensure our customers and partners are receiving the most complete C-UAS solution available in the market.


DedroneTracker with ADS-B Integration

2. Enhanced User Experience and Analytics

DedroneTracker 5.1 offers several elements to enhance user experience and arm security teams with improved information. As a true C2 solution for C-UAS, DedroneTracker now allows users to insert custom map overlays for online and offline maps, including users can add tactical maps or building plans depending on specific user requirements. This feature makes it easier for security teams to incorporate specific facility parameters into their overall C-UAS response SOP’s.

DedroneTracker with customer chosen map overlay

DedroneTracker with customer chosen map overlay

3. Improved Camera Controls and Image Resolution

Improvements to PTZ camera interaction and manipulation with optimized target locking when multiple cameras are used with higher quality still images, autotuning for PTZ tracking and improved resolution of live view.

4. Additional Drone Identification Capabilities

Finally, the 5.1 release added several drone models to our identification library, including additional Wi-Fi based drones and improved target merging information from different transponders like DJI and RemoteID.

For more information on how you can access DedroneTracker 5.1, and the Dedrone counter-drone technology platform, contact us.


July 14, 2022

| Updated

April 25, 2023

About the author

Dimi is the QA Manager at Dedrone, driving Dedrone’s software and hardware product quality and release management for Dedrone products, including DedroneTracker.AI, since 2016.

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