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Kentucky Department of Corrections Responds to Drones with Dedrone


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kentucky department of corrections

Kentucky Department of Corrections is getting ahead of drone threats, including contraband delivery and spying, with Dedrone technology.

“The presence of a drone and any kind of disturbance resulting from that is a major threat not only to the safety of the staff that work in the facility but also to the offender population that live in the facility,” shares Coleman Morrell, a leader in the Emergency Management team at Kentucky DOC.

Join Coleman to see how Kentucky’s correctional facilities are securing their airspace from all drone threats with Dedrone.

Protecting Correctional Facilities from Drone Threats with Counterdrone Technology

Dedrone’s proactive drone detection is used as a diagnostic tool, building intelligence around the scope and problem by auditing airspace. After reviewing the analysis from DroneTracker, the Kentucky DOC Emergency Management team can translate that information into strategic security protocol changes.

At correctional facilities, drone detection technology can be seamlessly incorporated into an existing security ecosystem. Security personnel can use flight data to determine if a single drone has visited the area multiple times or if there are multiple, individual intruders, and record if there are certain days or times where there are an increase in incidents. This data is invaluable when looking to identify and prosecute pilots who violate federal laws.

Dedrone technology is completely passive and complies with federal and state privacy laws. A drone emits radio signals in order to communicate with its operator, and Dedrone sensors analyze these signals to detect drones, identify their manufacturer, determine their location, and provide a range of other information to mitigate drone threats and provide airspace security.

With drone detection technology, Kentucky DOC now has the upper hand in protecting their airspace from unwanted drones.

Detect and mitigate drones flying over your prison with Dedrone counter-drone solutions.


September 10, 2020

| Updated

April 25, 2023

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