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Introducing the Tactical Overlay - DedroneTracker 3.5



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Introduced with the release of DedroneTracker 3.5, the new tactical overlay helps users understand the real-time severity of drone threats detected in their airspace.

Here’s a view of the tactical overlay at the time of a drone detection. This close-up view of the tactical overlay shows the location of the drone and the distance between the drone and the point of interest.

The tactical overlay supplements the map view, adding precision and real-time location information to help users understand the distance between a detected drone and a pre-defined point of interest.

Configuring the Tactical Overlay

To use the tactical overlay, first define a point of interest by going to Options > Map editor. Then click on Add and select Point of Interest. You’ll see the point of interest and tactical overlay appear and from here the point of interest can be placed at the desired location, either by using the mouse or by entering latitude and longitude coordinates directly.

Adjust the parameters of the tactical overaly as needed. The range figure controls the diameter of the area covered by the tactical overlay, and the sub-range value allows for coarse- or fine-grained subdivision of the sectors inside the tactical overlay. The number of axes and the azimuth can also be configured.

Point of interest and tactical overlay configuration

Once the point of interest is defined, the tactical overlay can be used to communicate the distance between the tactical overlay and a detected drone in real-time. When a drone is detected near a facility, customers can send additional security staff to visually locate and track the drone, and by using the tactical overlay’s information enable the staff to spot the drone very quickly.


October 24, 2018

| Updated

April 25, 2023

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