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Employee Spotlight: Brandon Lugo


Mary-Lou Smulders

Employee Spotlight: Brandon Lugo

As Dedrone's Senior Director, Special Projects, can you tell us a bit more about your day-to-day activities? Does your job involve travel?

As the first Aerial Armor employee, I have been involved in nearly all aspects of the organization, past and present. More recently, my primary focus has shifted towards operations and supporting the organization’s growth and success. My daily duties encompass management of the Aerial Armor Support Team, coordination of new sensor installations, and execution of personalized, top-tier service for our highest-profile clients. Given the nature of my role, extensive travel in the US and overseas is a fundamental aspect of my job, and I have taken hundreds of flights over the last few years to fulfill my duties.

You came to Dedrone via the Aerial Armor acquisition and have been with Dedrone for only 3 months now! Can you tell us about your first impressions? How have things changed for you?

My initial experience at Dedrone made a strong impression on me. I am genuinely impressed by the incredible talent across various departments, and I feel a sense of excitement at the prospect of working closely with such a well-rounded team. One big change that I've experienced is the increased bandwidth that comes with having access to Dedrone's team and resources. This depth of organization has enabled me to work more efficiently and deliver a superior level of service to our clients. Being a part of a team with vast experience is something that I find enjoyable, and having a larger family of colleagues is great!

What do you like best about working at Dedrone?

The opportunity to exchange knowledge and receive assistance from the broader Dedrone team, particularly in international markets, is invaluable.

What do you think is the most important element of airspace security that the organizations you work with don't always understand?

In my view, awareness is the critical factor that some organizations overlook when implementing cUAS systems. Without detection, there can be no defense. Many organizations underestimate the value of awareness gained from a basic detection system in favor of relying on false senses of security from measures such as no-fly zones or DJI-only geo-fencing. As for Dedrone’s role, I believe it is essential to offer legal and efficient technology that improves situational awareness of UAS activity.

Can you share a bit more about what you enjoy in your free time?

In my free time, I enjoy building and flying a variety of fixed-wing and multi-rotor drones as well as aerial photography. (Note: Brandon shared some of his photos with us – check them out below!)


March 24, 2023

| Updated

April 27, 2023

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Mary-Lou Smulders is the Chief Marketing Officer at Dedrone, where she leads Dedrone's global marketing and communications team.

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