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Dedrone Joins the FAA’s cUAS Aviation Rulemaking Committee


Mary-Lou Smulders

Dedrone Joins FAA Aviation Rulemaking Committee

Throughout its history, Dedrone has been committed to working together with governments around the world, particularly our home government here in the United States, to ensure that we continue to deliver the world’s leading airspace security solution. As a consequence, we’ve been invited to participate in the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)’s testing program, and it’s why we’re proud and honored to announce today that we are also a member of the FAA’s Uncrewed Aerial System (UAS) Detection and Mitigation Systems Aviation Rulemaking Committee (ARC).  

The ARC, chartered earlier this year, is another component of the FAA’s ongoing work to establish clear rules and regulations around counterdrone technology and enable the US to both maintain safe skies and airspace superiority. The ARC provides key public and private stakeholders a forum to debate and discuss how best to enable drone detection, tracking, identification, and mitigation (DTIM) for the entire National Airspace System (NAS). 

As a member of the ARC, Dedrone will participate in an advisory capacity - we offer the committee a deep understanding of the current capabilities of counterdrone DTIM technology and how they can best be implemented, backed up by our experience with hundreds of clients around the world and here at home.  

Together with other members of the ARC, including state, local, territorial, and tribal governments; aircraft operators and manufacturers; public safety and security professionals; privacy experts; environmental experts; and representatives from both the crewed and uncrewed aviation technology communities, we’ll offer our candid feedback and perspective on how to make our skies safe for good drones and reduce the number of negative drone incidents around the country.  

A critical task for the ARC will be providing insights into what kinds of standards should be implemented for counterdrone technologies. This includes what types of technologies may be used, who can use them and how they should be implemented. The ARC will also consider if technologies need to be regularly reviewed and renewed. Such a process could offer security professionals an easy shorthand for knowing whether any given system actually works and then still works with ever increasing drone sophistication.  

To debate these questions and more, we will meet with the ARC at times scheduled by the industry co-chairs of the committee. The ARC will then put together a recommendation report within three months of our last meeting for the FAA’s review. Our first meetings are this week. 

We look forward to working with other members of the ARC to put together comprehensive, well-reasoned recommendations for the FAA’s review!  


May 23, 2023

| Updated

May 23, 2023

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Mary-Lou Smulders is the Chief Marketing Officer at Dedrone, where she leads Dedrone's global marketing and communications team.

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