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Airspace Security Insights Report including 11 Predictions of 2021


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Dedrone, the leader in drone airspace security, today releases our fifth edition of the Airspace Security Insights Report. In this report, we explore the top issues presented to security providers in 2020 as they observed the proliferation of unwanted or unauthorized drone activity, as well as emerging trends of 2021.

In the the Airspace Security Insights Report – 5th Edition, we explore:

  • How the acceleration of drone usage in 2020 has affected key industries
  • 11 predictions of 2021 including insights on market forces and government regulations driving airspace security
  • How security providers can manage their airspace activity and prevent disruption to operations in 2021

The acceleration of drone usage has affected key industries. Explore the top incidents of the year, how industries responded, and what can be done to protect operations from further harm from drones.

  • Defense & Homeland Security: Key to the success of integrating drones into our airspace is collaboration between regulators, technology providers, and the public that matches the speed of innovation while also addressing and preparing for the emerging security gaps that drones pose to our world’s most sensitive military and defense operations.
  • Corrections: Drone-based contraband delivery has been an escalating threat as more drones become available and more criminals look to find ways to circumvent traditional security measures at correctional facilities to deliver high-value goods to inmates.
  • Airports: Airports around the world are bracing for the integration of drones in local airspace. As the world navigates the impacts of COVID-19 on airport operations and passenger travel, the threat of drones is growing.
  • Critical Infrastructure: Energy facilities, power plants, stadiums, data centers, transportation systems must meet very high security standards. These structures are vital to the functioning of their local economy, and maintaining safety is paramount; however, drones can easily cross any critical infrastructure perimeter and threaten the safety of workers and site operations.

Drones are here to stay and rapidly increasing in both their productive and dangerous applications. Looking forward,  the numbers of drones flying in the air will only grow.

Complete airspace security starts with effective drone detection and creating situational awareness of all drone activity – whether from cooperative, legal, and authorized drone pilots or from pilots who are either unaware of or maliciously circumvent drone flight laws.

2020 was a year of tremendous growth in the drone and airspace security market. Turning toward 2021, learn about Dedrone’s 11 predictions around the airspace security for the coming year.

The global airspace security market will continue to advance and meet the needs of security providers to protect people, property, and information. As security providers protect their operations during the COVID shutdowns, and soon turn their thoughts towards recovery and resuming regular operations, Dedrone remains steadfast and available to continuously monitor and protect the lower airspace at the world’s most critical sites.

Access your free copy of the Airspace Security Insights Report - 5th Edition, here.


February 8, 2021

| Updated

April 25, 2023

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