Vodafone Business Integrates Dedrone's C-UAS Platform






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Newbury, Berkshire, England


Vodafone Business’ Multi-Access Edge Computing (MEC) is revolutionizing how global customers integrate cloud-based technology into their security and telecommunication systems, integrating the world’s fastest and most agile mobile network with Dedrone’s leading cloud-based counter-drone technology.

When a drone enters protected airspace, every second matters – and together, Dedrone and Vodafone Business have teamed up with Amazon Web Services Wavelength (AWS) to provide airspace protection and response programs for customers who are protecting assets against airspace threats.

By placing Dedrone’s airspace security program into Vodafone Business’s MEC capabilities, security teams will have access to their airspace data when it is needed and ensure timely response in the event of a drone incursion.

“The rise of drones requires unparalleled, complete airspace security for controlled locations such as airports, power plants, military bases, and government buildings. Access to AWS Wavelength on the Vodafone 5G network edge enables Dedrone to quickly identify potential threats, analyze the imagery, and immediately provide our customers real-time insights to close the security gap in their airspace, ensure that they are protected against any kind of unwanted drone activity, and keep operations running.”

Jenn Didoni, Head of Cloud Portfolio at Vodafone Business


A major challenge for industries is how to deliver new solutions to drive lower latency and increased security in aging and challenging environments with minimal or legacy infrastructure. The use of Mobile Edge Computing (MEC) will enable organizations to quickly deploy Dedrone’s counter-drone capabilities without compromising on security nor efficiency, which - given the nature of current public cloud offerings - many organizations are simply unable to harness efficiently due to the inherent security challenges and risks associated with open networks.


The utilization of private clouds and MEC by Vodafone Business and AWS Wavelength enables organizations to adopt Dedrone’s counter-drone technology without compromising on vital security considerations. Customers are able to benefit from real-time insights about drone threats, and can respond faster as a result, minimizing disruption to operations. By working with Vodafone Business and AWS, Dedrone is delivering airspace security to the world’s leading organizations.


Sites of critical importance, including airports, stadiums, correctional facilities, energy facilities, corporate headquarters, government buildings, and military installations, now can seamlessly upgrade their security programs with Vodafone Business and Dedrone. By using Vodafone Business’s MEC solution, organizations can accelerate the delivery of Dedrone’s counter-drone solution.

The technology partnership between Vodafone and Dedrone and AWS Wavelength offers the following:

  • Provides real-time instants, which can be instantly actioned to respond to a drone incursion
  • Minimizes the need for expensive physical infrastructure for customers to launch their airspace security programs
  • Reduces the time it takes to begin assessing drone activity and preventing drone threats
  • Allows counter-drone security data to remain secure and uncompromised.

"With the integration of Dedrone’s counter-drone platform into Vodafone Business’s MEC solution, customers can quickly and easily extend their security systems to protect their lower airspace from drone threats. Dedrone software, hosted on the cloud via AWS, provides automated alerts to security teams in the event of a drone intrusion, and provides instant analytics of the airspace activity, enabling faster response times to combat potential threats. As unmanned traffic management systems are being developed and deployed globally, Dedrone and Vodafone are bringing to market an innovative solution to understand the true nature of drone activity in our cities, looking to provide cities with counter-drone technology", shares Dedrone's CEO Aaditya Devarakonda.

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