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Electronically scanned array (ESA) radars are highly effective in long-range drone detection, but have very high size, weight, power, and operational complexity. Echodyne’s technology breakthrough – metamaterials ESA, or MESA® – creates a commercially-priced, ultra-low SWaP ESA radar about the size of a paperback book.

Designing airspace security solutions for critical infrastructure requires the capability to detect and track every type of aircraft from every approach vector in every lighting and weather condition, and a solution platform with sophisticated sensor fusion and advanced analytics to accurately identify threat level and response options.

With tight integration to Dedrone’s leading airspace security solutions, high-risk facilities and secured locations are able to detect and track both cooperative drones and non-cooperative, or “dark drones”, for robust situational awareness and comprehensive airspace security.

At Echodyne, we design and build advanced radars with performance that makes a difference for Defense and Critical Infrastructure security customers. Our technology innovation brings the most powerful radar technology to more applications and more customers. But no sensor can be a solution by itself. We have been working with Dedrone since our earliest days and have valued their market and performance feedback. Dedrone’s sophisticated software integrating different sensor types delivers comprehensive situational awareness for every airspace security need.

Eben Frankenberg, CEO, Echodyne


Airspace securityrequires 24x7 uptime and component performance. No single hardware sensor candetect all drones, requiring security teams to layer technology to provide adeeper layer of airspace awareness, including sensors that can detect and tracknon-cooperative drones that operate without radio or GPS signals.


Dedrone software open API architecture allows organizations to select and combine best-in-class sensors to provide a complete picture of their airspace activity. Echodyne’s ESA radar generates rich data output with high-precision location, bearing, and speed information. Integrating commercially priced, high performance Echodyne radar with Dedrone’s leading airspace security platform delivers a robust airspace situational awareness solution, the DedroneTower.

DedroneTower with Echodyne MESA® Radar


Together, Dedrone and MESA® provide security customers the ability to detect autonomous drones and drone swarms with precision and accuracy. By layering Dedrone’s foundational radio frequency detection sensors with MESA, security providers access a sophisticated detection capability to respond to drone threats before they cause damage to people, property or information. MESA® inputs are automatically displayed into a single view on Dedrone’s central user interface.

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