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Stopping Drone Contraband at Kentucky DOC

Kentucky Department of Corrections is getting ahead of drone threats, including contraband delivery and spying, with Dedrone technology.

Airspace Security with THE DroneTracker Software

A short introduction to the Dedrone solution, including our DroneTracker software connected to multiple sensors for detection and classification of drone-based threats.

Airspace Security Analytics

The Dedrone solution alerts and reports on drone intrusions, capturing data including alert heat maps and activity stats by drone type, time, and length of drone activity.

Preventing Airspace Hazards at RBC Canadian Open

At the 2019 RBC Canadian Open, Hamilton Police Service established a drone detection strategy to ensure drones did not threaten spectators, distract play or record unauthorized footage of the televised event. Watch more from Mohawk College, Hamilton PD, and Dedrone how our RF sensors were deployed at the event and collected data for the security team.

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