Set up Drone Detection Technology in 15 min

  • Easier than building an IKEA shelf
  • Only one person needed
  • No Dedrone engineer required on site
Set up drone detection hardware in minutes

1. Out of the Box Hardware

Place the DedroneSensor on a pole. We’ll support you with a manual, video tutorial and are available via phone or video chat. All you’ll need is a power supply – no further technical knowledge is needed.

Drone detection out of the box
Set up drone detection software in minutes

2. Browser-Based Software

Login to DedroneTracker with your credentials that we have sent you by email. The DedroneSensor connects automatically. You can access DedroneTracker on your desktop or via mobile interface.

Browser-based DroneTracker software and RF Sensor
24/7 drone alerts

3. Get Drone Alerts and Insights

You'll get drone alerts immediately in your preferred channels - via web, email, mobile or API. All drone intrusions and corresponding data are saved and analyzed automatically.

Drone alerts and insights

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