Radar Detection

Detect all types of drones at day, night and in all weathers


Radars emit electromagnetic waves and receive and process the echoes reflected by objects, usually to locate them.

Various manufacturers have developed radar systems specifically for the detection of drones. They are integrated into the Dedrone platform as needed to complement the DedroneSensors. Since radars detect objects, but only unreliably automatically classify them as drones, this assessment must be performed by an operator or automatically by PTZ cameras or DedroneSensors in conjunction with the DedroneTracker Software.Radar systems are used in particular by airports and military customers. Since they emit radiation, they are subject to approval and price-intensive to purchase compared to other sensors.


  • Detection of autonomous drones
  • Simultaneous detection of multiple drones
  • Independent of light and weather conditions
  • Localization including determination of the altitude
  • Complement of DedroneSensors

Integration of Radar

Depending on the application, Dedrone integrates one or more radars with different performance into the Dedrone platform.

Echodyne Radar


  • sUAS detection range of 1km
  • Field of View 120° azimuth x 80° elevation
  • Detects up to 20 targets simultaneously
Flir Radar


  • Detection range up to 1.5 km
  • Field of view 90° azimuth x 40° elevation
  • Detects more than 500 targets simultaneously

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