Deutsche Telekom Goes Drone Hunting with Dedrone

November 29, 2016

Offering that protects against malicious drones available December 1, 2016.

Leading European telco Deutsche Telekom AG is entering the drone defense market together with Dedrone, the market leader in anti-drone technology. Starting tomorrow, the Magenta Security business unit of Deutsche Telekom will offer protection against unauthorized drones for data centers, stadiums, critical infrastructure facilities, and public authorities utilizing solutions developed by Dedrone. Deutsche Telekom will provide all services – from sales, project planning, and installation through management of the system. Project prices start at 30,000 Euro. In the coming weeks, Deutsche Telekom will install Dedrone technology at two of its own properties to secure them against drone intrusions.

The need is clear. Drone popularity continues to rise rapidly as they become ever cheaper and more powerful. Easy availability and large payloads conspire to increase the potential for dangerous drone misuse – everything from industrial espionage to drug and weapon smuggling to terrorist attacks. Such imminent threat demands comprehensive countermeasures. "Over the last few months, Deutsche Telekom has extensively evaluated and thoroughly tested equipment from the most important manufacturers of drone detection and defense systems. We are bundling the best of the technologies under the control of lead partner Dedrone for our Magenta Drone Protection Shield," explains Dirk Backofen, soon-to-be head of Telekom Security.

Complete System for Drone Protection

DroneTracker, developed by Dedrone in Kassel, is the key system that detects drones automatically by means of various sensors – such as video cameras, radio frequency scanners, and microphones – and repels them if necessary. At its core is smart software that is able to distinguish drones from birds, helicopters, and other flying objects safely, and even to recognize specific drone models.

DroneTracker is a modular system that can be integrated into customers‘ existing security systems. Open interfaces can be used to connect sensors from other manufacturers, including radar from Airbus or Robin Radar, Rohde & Schwarz radio frequency scanners, and Squarehead Technology microphone arrays. This flexibility allows design of optimal coverage for different areas and buildings.

As soon as DroneTracker detects a drone, it alerts security forces. They can immediately take protective measures and, for example, bring people to safety, seize drones or dropped objects, or block views of sensitive information. Where laws and regulations permit, jamming transmitters such as those from HP Wüst can be used to bring down the drone.

"Best Product on the Market"

"Cooperation with Deutsche Telekom is an important step for us," says Dedrone COO Dr. Ingo Seebach. "The fact that we have been selected from a large number of well-known manufacturers shows not only that we are leading the way with our technology, but also that we have what it takes to earn a business relationship with such a large, highly respected company. That gives us tremendous leverage from a sales perspective. We are convinced that data centers in particular, as well as major event venues and industrial enterprises, must prioritize protecting themselves from drones. Together with Telekom, we are delivering the best product on the market."

Further Information

About DedroneDedrone is one of the first companies in the world to develop effective technologies for protection from small, civilian drones, and has been recognized as an innovation and technology leader in this field since 2014. DroneTracker is the system developed by Dedrone that warns immediately against intrusive unmanned aerial objects to protect data centers, stadiums, prisons, airports and other critical infrastructure from smuggling, espionage and terrorist acts. Depending on the requirements, any number of sensors can be integrated into DroneTracker, and countermeasures such as jamming transmitters can be activated automatically. Dedrone is headquartered in San Francisco, USA. Development and production are located in Kassel, Germany.

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