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Dedrone Statement on Oil Pipeline Drone Attack

July 9, 2019

Saudi Aramco Temporarily Shuts Down Pipeline After Sustaining Damage from Drone

Today in Saudi Arabia, there was a drone attack on the country's main cross-country oil pipeline. As a precautionary measure, Saudi Aramco, the world’s biggest oil exporter, temporarily shut down the pipeline and contained the fire which caused minor damage to a pump station. These events highlight the risk of the wrong drone near an oil or gas storage facility, and the consequences to critical infrastructure, the environment, and economy.


Dedrone is the global market and technology leader in airspace security and has worked with utilities around the world to protect their airspace from drone threats. When there is an alert to an unauthorized drone in a facility’s airspace, security operators will have the time to intercept the risk and determine the threat the drone poses, and avoid costly and inconvenient operational disruptions.

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