Dedrone Introduces Localization Technology to Stop Unauthorized Drones

March 1, 2018

New Sensor Pinpoints Location of Drones and Pilots in Real-Time, Providing Immediate Airspace Risk Assessment

Dedrone, the market and technology leader in airspace security, today announced the launch of their new radio frequency (RF) sensor, the RF-300, which automatically locate drones and their pilots. Combined with the broad coverage and early warning capabilities of Dedrone’s RF-100, the new RF-300 adds situational awareness for organizations to determine the nature and severity of threats from unauthorized drones.

Key Highlights of Dedrone’s RF-300

  • Automatically tracks a drone’s flightpath, providing     advance opportunity to protect sensitive infrastructure and deploy     security measures
  • Pinpoints the location of a drone pilot, enabling     security personnel to either alert law enforcement of an illegal intrusion     or confront the pilot at their launch site
  • Connects to DroneTracker, Dedrone’s software platform,     which combines multiple sensors and countermeasures, including RF,     cameras, and microphones, for complete airspace security

Dedrone’s RF-300 builds on the capabilities of the widely-deployed Dedrone RF-100. Together, both sensors provide robust airspace security. Dedrone’s RF-100 is designed to diagnose the number of drones in protected airspace, while RF-300 collects forensic evidence to take recourse against malicious pilots and prevent them from disrupting a protected site. RF-based direction finding technology was previously only available in military-grade solutions, but with the release of Dedrone’s RF-300, the same technology is now available to enterprises and non-military organizations.

“The ultimate protection a facility can take against drone threats is to stop the pilot before they can cause any harm, and hold them accountable for damages” shares Joerg Lamprecht, CEO and co-founder of Dedrone. “Dedrone’s RF-300 provides this opportunity to enable law enforcement and site security leaders to locate and take action against trespassing pilots.”

In addition to launching the Dedrone RF-300, the company also recently announced DroneTracker 3, the industry’s first airspace security solution that includes automated summary reporting for instant diagnosis of drone airspace activity. DroneTracker, RF-100, and the new RF-300, when combined, make the Dedrone solution a complete, reliable, and accurate platform for drone detection and classification.

Dedrone recently deployed the RF-300 at a global economic meeting in Davos, Switzerland. "The key to effective protection against rogue drones is fast and reliable detection technology,” shares a spokesperson with the Canton Police of Graubünden, who led security for the event. “Dedrone’s technology provided us the location of the drone and the pilot, which is very valuable to us, and allowed us to assess the potential dangers of a drone intrusion. We were able to successfully use Dedrone’s RF-300 for this year's global economic meeting, and were more than satisfied with the new product.”

About Dedrone

Dedrone provides a complete, automatic drone detection and security solution. Early warning, classification, and protection against drone threats are enabled through machine learning software combined with data from intelligent sensors. The Dedrone platform integrates with passive and active countermeasures to deliver automated protection against drone threats. Based in San Francisco, Dedrone was founded in 2014 and is backed by investors including Felicis Ventures, Menlo Ventures, and John Chambers, Chairman Emeritus of Cisco Systems and Founder of JC2 Ventures.

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