Dedrone and Axis Communications Join as Preferred Vendors for Complete Global Aerial Security

April 25, 2017

San Francisco, April 26, 2017 – Dedrone, a security company that developed the world’s first software to detect drones and protect high-value airspace from drone threats, announced today their partnership with Axis Communications, the market leader in network video. Dedrone’s proprietary software, DroneTracker, is fully compatible with the suite of Axis cameras and sensors. By enabling Axis cameras to use DroneTracker, existing Axis customers will have a quickly accessible and complete aerial security system.

“Dedrone has partnered with Axis to ensure our customers can access the best in sensors and combine it with the world’s leading drone detection software,” states Joerg Lamprecht, CEO and co-founder of Dedrone. “While DroneTracker works with any sensor, our partnership with Axis allows their customers to easily access DroneTracker through their existing security program, and leverage DroneTracker’s advanced video analytics to ensure anyone can create an accurate and cost-effective drone identification program. Axis is the market leader in cameras and sensors. Axis aligns with our mission to deliver complete aerial security across the globe.”

DroneTracker software connects to a radio frequency (RF) and Wi-Fi sensor, and then uses Axis cameras and sensors to take video feed of a customer’s airspace. Data collected from these sensors is then analyzed by DroneTracker to show if a drone has entered the protected area and determine its location. DroneTracker is a powerful machine-learning platform, allowing Dedrone to continually update the software and ensure its verification capabilities are first to find all drone threats. When an unauthorized drone enters protected airspace, DroneTracker automatically sends an alert and can deploy a protective measure. By investing in each other’s programs, both Axis and Dedrone offer a worldwide network of customers `the best-in-class service in cameras and drone surveillance.

“We have seen Dedrone at forefront technology for drone detection solutions” said Andrea Sorri, Director Business Development, from Axis. “With the addition of Dedrone’s DroneTracker software, our clients across the world are able to extend their perimeter protection with a new layer of defence. It’s a strategic offering to address the new threats coming from airspace, one of the next frontier of security. We have visuals on fences, walls and windows, and now with Dedrone, we have an aerial equivalent.”

Not only will Dedrone and Axis Communications expand their wide-reaching network for drone detection, but also are developing a first-of-its-kind research complex to continually advance their services. Both companies are collaborating at Axis’ enterprise building in Sweden to test drone recognition solutions onsite, continuing Dedrone’s pledge to provide a future-proof and scalable drone prevention program.

“Axis network-enabled cameras augment Dedrone’s RF/Wi-Fi sensors with video, drastically expanding system’s recognition capability to see a drone up to a mile away from the protected site,” adds Dedrone Vice President of Technology, David Prantl. “Axis cameras are easy to position, and require minimal maintenance. With Dedrone and Axis, customers will have a nearly infallible drone protection program.”  

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About DedroneDedrone is the international market and technology leader in the field of drone detection. DroneTracker, which was developed by Dedrone, provides early warning of illegal UAVs and is used to protect industrial plants, government buildings and other critical infrastructure installations against smugglers, spies and terrorist attacks. Dedrone, based in San Francisco, California, was founded in 2014 by the serial entrepreneurs Joerg Lamprecht, Rene Seeber and Ingo Seebach, and has the backing of reputable international investors.

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