American Integration Contractors, LLC (AIC) Enters Into Strategic Partnership Agreement with Dedrone

October 23, 2019

American Integration Contractors, LLC (AIC), an  award-winning technology provider with a proven track record of niche systems  integration and technology deployments, today announced they have entered  into a strategic partnership agreement with Dedrone; the global market and technology leader in airspace  security. Through this partnership with Dedrone, AIC strengthens its airspace  security solutions portfolio by adding this integral component of AIC’s  System of Systems approach in the detection of Unmanned Aircraft Systems  (UAS).

“We are excited to  partner with Dedrone on this critical addition to our total drone detection  offering. Now with this partnership in place, AIC can deliver all aspects of  a comprehensive drone detection solution to better protect our clients’  airspace. From initial site assessment, all the way to deep interaction with  our Command and Control System, AIC’s Dedrone partnership now provides our  client’s with a building block approach to a complete drone detection system”  - Craig Noel, C.E.O of AIC

Drones pose a  significant threat to critical infrastructure, transportation, public  gatherings and correctional facilities. Although this ever-popular technology  has provided huge benefits to society, it continues to cause great concern in  the areas of security, safety and privacy. Modern security requires a layered  approach that keeps up with the evolution of drone technology. Dedrone,  through its RF sensors and cloud-based software detects, classifies, and  protects against drone threats, including localizing the drone. System  reports allow a customer to locate the source of the threat and take the  necessary actions to defend against it.

About AIC

American Integration Contractors, LLC is a Louisiana-based systems  integrator, known for their innovative solutions, specializing in advanced  electronic and IT applications designed to mitigate risks to life and  property in the governmental, educational, industrial and healthcare  industries. AIC leads the way in the application of command and control  systems, emergency management and communication systems on the Gulf Coast and  its past performance in these specialty areas is second to none. AIC’s model  regional collaboration network (PMCRCN) project was chosen by Security Sales  & Integration (SSI) as first runner-up for their coveted “Integrated Installation of the Year” Award. Visit AIC’s  website at

About Dedrone

Dedrone is the market and  technology leader in airspace security. The Dedrone counter-drone platform  combines hardware sensors and machine-learning software, providing early  warning, classification of, and mitigation against all drone threats. Based  in San Francisco, Dedrone was founded in 2014 and is backed by investors  including Felicis Ventures, Menlo Ventures, and John Chambers, Chairman  Emeritus of Cisco Systems and founder of JC2 Ventures.

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