Energy and Utilities

While energy manufacturers and utilities are implementing drone surveying and inspection programs around the world, these organizations must also protect critical infrastructure, such as power stations and water reservoirs, from unwanted drones. With drones becoming ever more inexpensive, easy to fly, and able carry heavy payloads, the risk of not securing the airspace only increases every day.

Solution Overview

dedrone Solutions

  • Protect critical infrastructure
  • Detect drones even before they take off
  • Provide forensic evidence of drone attacks
  • Integrate into existing security and monitoring systems
  • Are compatible with utilities’ internal drone programs

What Our Customers Say

“KPX recognized the potential threat of drones to critical infrastructure early on. With the safety of our people and assets paramount, our safety experts were among the first to look at airspace safety technologies for critical infrastructure. We have been successfully testing the Dedrone system at our headquarters for several years, with the goal of deploying the Dedrone solution at all of our utilities in the medium term.”

– Choi Young-Il, General Manager Korea Power Exchange

How Dedrone Can Help

Detect drone

DedroneSensors detect drones up to 5 km away and give early warning of drone-based threats, often even before the drone takes off.

Alert Security Teams

Warnings and alerts are triggered automatically and can be sent to a mobile phone, monitoring platform, or any API-compatible system.

Seize Contraband

By knowing exactly when and where a rogue drone intrudes, authorities can seize any contraband the drone drops.

Capture drone

Once a drone is disabled, it can be retrieved, confiscated, and examined to determine the nature of the threat.

Track drone

By incorporating DedroneSensors and other sensors, such as camera, users can track the flight path of the drone and reveal the location of the pilot.

Provide evidence

All alerts, flight paths, and video footage of drone threats are automatically recorded and catalogued. These are easily exported to share with law enforcement.

Locate and arrest pilot

Dedrone’s direction-finding technology locates the positions of drones and their pilots, adding important situational awareness of the airspace.

Harden Security

Drones often look for security gaps, on both physical and IT infrastructure. By identifying potential areas of exploit, teams can examine their security for potential gaps.

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