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Work with us to protect your customers’ airspace against drone attacks!

The market for non-military drones is booming. It is estimated that up to 4.3 million drones – that’s almost 360,000 per month – were sold worldwide in 2015! And the risk of abuse increases with every drone purchased …

Airspace Security

Close the urgent security gap in the sky above the fence!

Buildings of many different kinds – embassies, government buildings, prisons, industrial sites, private properties – have good individual reasons for protecting their airspace against drones. These days, hardly a week goes by without new reports in the media about security breaches involving drones.

Why you should become a stakeholder in the anti-drone market now:

  • Airspace security is one of the most urgent future issues for the security industry.
  • The threat from drones is huge - and it’s real.
  • The number of drones is rising dramatically – there is no doubt that drones are here to stay.
  • The demand for effective systems to combat non-military drones will grow to keep pace with the drone market itself.

Become a Dedrone Partner!

  • Establish your position in today’s new, growing anti-drone technology market.
  • Be one of the first to offer your customers a solution to combat drone attacks.
  • Complete your security portfolio with DroneTracker.
  • Satisfy the demand for reliable anti-drone systems.

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