Early Warning System

DroneTracker’s RF sensor constantly searches a wide frequency band, classifying signals so customers get early warnings — often before drones are even in the air.

Passive measures

  • Lead people to safety
  • Block visual view
  • Lock doors and gates
  • Inform security

Active measures

  • Jammer
  • Electromagnetic pulse
  • Laser

RF Sensor Technical Specifications

The Dedrone RF Sensor provides the foundation to understand how many drones are in your airspace and the nature of the potential drone-based threat.


  • RF Sensor
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Start Protecting Your Airspace Now

Nearly all commercially-available drones use radio signals, both to receive control commands from the remote control and to transmit data such as video or telemetry. Dedrone has significantly improved the performance of its RF sensor to detect these radio signals.

The greatest benefits for customers are

  • increased detection range
  • early alerting of switched-on remote controls
  • reliable classification of drones

Easily start protecting your airspace by installing DroneTracker Software and RF Sensors at your site.

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DT RF Sensor

Technical specification / RF Sensor

L x W x H

7.7” x 3.7” x 17.3” (195 mm x 95 mm x 440 mm)
height without antenna: 9.8” (250 mm)

Operating Temperature

-4 °F to +122 °F (-20 °C to +50 °C)


6.8 lb (3.1 kg)

Ingress Protection Rating


Connectivity Fast-Ethernet (100 Mbit/s)
Power Supply active PoE+ (802.3at)
Power Consumption 15 W (typ.)

3,280 ft (1 km)

in good conditions up to 1.24 mi (2 km)

Radio Frequency

Omnidirectional passive detection and classification

Scales according to your needs

DroneTracker is the only modular drone classification and counter-measures platform on the market that can be adapted to your specific threat situation and the special conditions on-site.

PTZ Camera


  • Multi Sensor
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DroneTracker Multi Sensor

You can mount the DT Multi Sensor permanently to facades or special poles, in order to survey a defined section of the sky 24/7. For mounting the Multi Sensor, we recommend different mounts - just contact us.

Developed for the permanent use at

  • Prisons
  • Industrial facilities
  • Government facilities
  • Embassies
  • Nuclear power plants
  • Private buildings

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DroneTracker Fixed
Different mountings


Multi-sensor drone alarm system V 2.0


Audio / Ultrasonic
Acoustical sensors

Microphones have a reach of 50-80m. Civilian UAV's have typical acoustic characteristics that we use for their reliable detection.


Wi-Fi sensor

An integrated Wi-Fi-sensor passively senses WLAN singals of drones. It also allows classification of certain drone models and even single devices.


Near Infrared
Optical sensor (night)

The DroneTracker can be equipped with an infrared camera. The data is interpreted by means of enhanced image analysis methods.


Video / 11°–85°
Optical sensor (daylight)

Each DroneTracker is equipped with a daylight camera. We are using enhanced image analysis functions to analyze the live video feed.

Technical Specification

Device Type

Multi-Sensor System

Audio 2x Audio / Audible Sonic & Ultrasonic /
Spectrum 0 – 96 kHz
Video 1080p HD Camera / 11°-85° (selectable ex-works)
Wi-Fi Omnidirectional Scanning
(2.4 GHz ISM band)
Infrared Near Infrared HD Camera
Connectivity via LAN in existing IT infrastructure
Power Supply active PoE+ (802.3at) or passive PoE 24 V
L*W*H 17.3 x 17.3 x 6.46" (440 x 440 x 164 mm)
Range up to 1,640 ft (500 m)

-4 °F to +104 °F (-20 °C to +40 °C)

Ingress Protection Rating IP54
Software Configuration via web interface
Software Updates firmware and DroneDNA updates via cloud-based database connection
Alarm Notification via software, SMS, email, network message (TCP/IP), SNMP, Pushover.net

DroneTracker's Visual Proof of Drone Intrusion

  • Event Kit
  • Specs
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DroneTracker Event Kit

We have developed DroneTracker Event Kit for the temporary use, for example early drone alerting at state visits, public conventions, concerts, or sporting events. The Event Kit comprises two tripods to which you can flexibly mount your DroneTracker Multi-Sensors or DT RF Sensor and set them up anywhere.

Scope of delivery

1 x Case (battery, fuses, energy management, router, 2x PoE+ injectors)
2 x Tripod
1 x Battery Charger
1 x Documentation
2 x Patch Cable

All components can be transported in one trolley, including a DroneTracker Multi-Sensor and one DT RF Sensor.  Each component is protected by its own fuse.

Developed for the temporary use, e.g. at

  • State visits
  • Public conventions
  • Concerts
  • Sporting events 

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Technical Specification

L x W x H

27“ x 20.8“ x 14.41“
(687 mm x 528 mm x 366 mm)


Approx. 81.6 lb (31 kg) exclusive DroneTracker Multi-Sensor and DT RF Sensor

Ingress Protection Rating

Battery charger: IP41

Operating Temperature

-4 °F to +104 °F (-20 °C to +40 °C)

Battery Type

Rugged lead acid battery (36 Ah) -> no dangerous goods

Battery Operating Time

Up to 12 hours with 2 PoE+ units

Battery Charging Time Approx. 5.5 hours
Power Supply active PoE+ (IEEE802.3at)

Battery-charging-connection, Router ADSL / UP connector, PoE+ connector 1, PoE+ connector 2, PC / Notebook connector, Wi-Fi (2.4 GHz and 5.0 GHz)


Start-Button (outside the case)
Transportation main switch (inside the case)

DroneTracker's Visual Proof of Drone Intrusion


  • Drone Jammer
  • Specs

Modular Drone Jamming System

The jammer system uses digital signal generation to maximize its effectiveness. The system can be adapted to any given threat scenario or it can be used as a portable, tactical jammer. For those with the authority to deploy it, the jammer can be an effective mitigation tool once the drone is detected to be in the area.

The jammer system will jam signals used by drones, including GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, WLAN 2.4 GHz and from 5000-6000 MHz, and has been successfully deployed to protect events, VIPs, and critical infrastructure.


  • Omni-directional antenna set
  • Upgradable, modular system
  • Notebook
  • DDS controller software for dedicated system programming

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Drone Jammer

Drone Jammer – Technical Specification


Jammer (w/o antennas)

Dimensions 520 mm x 520 mm x 520 mm
Weight 65 kg
Protection class IP42

Frequency bands and output power (example)

Channel 1 1559 – 1610 MHz / 40 W / omni directional
Channel 2 2400 – 2483,5 MHz / 50 W / omni directional
Channel 3 2400 – 2483,5 MHz / 50 W / omni directional
Channel 4 5725 – 5875 MHz / 20 W / omni directional
Channel 5 430 – 480 MHz / 50 W / omni directional

Power supply

Input voltage 100 – 240 VAC
Input current 10 A max. @ 230 VAC
Output voltage 24 VDC
Output current 25 A @ 24 VDC

Battery pack

Weight 22 kg
Output voltage 15 W (typ.)
Capacity 60 Ah
Operating time 1 h
Battery type LiPo
Battery count 24


Input voltage 90 – 260 VAC
Input current 4 A max. @ 230 VAC
Output voltage 28 VDC
Output current 20 A @ 24 VDC
Charging time 6 h

Enviromental specifications

Operating temperature -10 - +55 °C
Storage temperature -20 - +60 °C
Relative humidity 85 % (non-condensing)
Protection class IP42

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