We Share One Vision

Behind Dedrone stands an experienced founding team with a shared vision: to protect the airspace against drones and make Dedrone the market and innovation leader for Airspace Security.

The Visionary

Jörg Lamprecht

CEO, CO-Founder

Degree in Mathematics & Computer Science

Experienced founder and manager in the fields of security-related software and drones.

Successful exits

ONLY Solutions (internet software) sold to Biodata AG
Cobion (security software) sold to Internet Security Systems Inc. 
Aibotix (industrial drone) sold to Hexagon AB

The Visionary

Jörg Lamprecht, born in 1969, is one of Germany's most experienced and successful entrepreneurs. He and two other students founded his first company, ONLY Solutions, while they were still in college studying mathematics and computer science. That software company really lived up to its name by developing the first image search engine for the Internet. In 2001 the founders sold ONLY Solutions to Biodata AG. In that same year Jörg founded Cobion AG, once again collaborating with a founder from his first company along with a new partner. This second venture created content security software that was sold worldwide, with offices in the U.S., UK and China. Cobion received funding from prominent venture capital investors and ultimately was acquired in 2004 by U.S.-based Internet Security Systems (ISS) – now part of IBM. Jörg served for two years as Vice President of Central Europe for ISS and grew the company by 25 percent annually.

In 2011 Jörg discovered the growing drone market and founded Aibotix, a manufacturer of premium drones for surveyors and engineers. Aibotix grew very quickly and became the market leader with customers in more than 100 countries. In February 2014 Aibotix was bought by Swedish Hexagon Group, a global provider of information technology.

Thanks to Jörg's experience in security and drones, Dedrone was able to grow globally right from the beginning. He succeeded in winning over 250 partners in a very short time, and within only 18 months landed $12.9 million in venture capital funding from renowned investors such as Target Partners and Menlo Ventures.

The Engineer

Ingo Seebach

COO, CO-Founder

Degree and PHD in Engineering

Many years of managing and engineering experience. Specialist in the development of hardware systems

Founder of

SEETECH GmbH: The company, based in Kassel, is one of the leading suppliers of industrial products with branches in the USA, Russia, China and Poland.

The Engineer

In September 2013, when a small toy drone crashed into the stage right in front of Angela Merkel during an election campaign, Dr. Ingo Seebach was the first person to have the idea of creating technology to protect from civilian drones. Six months later he founded Dedrone GmbH together with Jörg Lamprecht and Rene Seeber.

Ingo, born in 1974, studied industrial engineering at the Braunschweig University of Technology and received his PhD in surface engineering at the Frauenhofer Institute. After having been stationed in Hamburg, Norway and England through his work with the international aluminum company Norsk Hydro ASA since 2008, he is now chief operating officer of SEETECH GmbH. The company, based in Kassel, is one of the leading suppliers of industrial products with branches in the USA, Russia, China and Poland.

Ingo is specialized in the conception, planning and production of valuable hardware at Dedrone and is responsible for hardware development and production as well as the company's accounting control.

The Software Architect

Rene Seeber

CTO, CO-Founder

Degree in Mathematics & Computer Science

Successful founder and manager, as well as highly competent in computer science and software development.

Successful exits

ONLY Solutions (internet software) sold to Biodata AG
Cobion (security software) sold to Internet Security Systems Inc.
Joulex (IoT software) sold to Cisco Systems Inc.

The Software Architect

With Dedrone, Rene Seeber has now established his fourth company. He founded Only Solutions GmbH together with Jörg Lamprecht and another fellow student in 1996 while studying math and computer science at the University of Kassel.

In 1998, the company was renamed to Cobion and was later bought by Internet Security Systems (ISS) in 2004. Rene stayed on board for two more years as chief scientist. ISS was taken over by IBM in 2007 — in the very same year, Rene and Jörg went on to found Qitera GmbH. In 2009, as co-founder and CTO, he established the software company JouleX; the company was taken over by Cisco in 2013. From 2013 to his start at Dedrone in September 2015, Rene was CTO of Cisco's EnergyWise technology.

Today, Rene applies his long-term experience as a founder and architect of complex, innovative software products in his role as CTO and manager of the software and technology development at Dedrone.

Leadership Team

We are leading currently a team of 60 employees on three continents with a common goal: to make your airspace safer.

Sebastian Blum

VP of Business Development

VC veteran with extensive experience as manager and investor in high-tech companies and startups in Silicon Valley and Europe.

David Prantl

VP of Technology

Security and networking expert with a degree in physics and several recognized industry certifications.

John Fernandez

VP of Finance

Global finance professional whose background includes managing multiple IPO’s, M&A and fundraising.

Bobby Long

VP of Sales

Sales leader with an extensive software-as-a-service, networking, and channel development background.

Pablo Estrada

Pablo Estrada

VP of Marketing

Formerly the Director of Marketing for Cisco Meraki, the leader in cloud-managed IT that got acquired by Cisco for 1.2Billion.

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At Dedrone, you can expect to work in a startup-like atmosphere, expect excitement, and expect tasks that are diverse in nature. We're a highly-qualified, international team that's passionate about what it does and where it wants to go.

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