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The Birth of Dedrone

The German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, is taken aback by a drone that crashes two meters away from her at an election event in 2013. This incident has no serious consequences. But what would have happened if, for instance, the drone had been armed?

2013: Chancellor Merkel Approached by Drone

The Audience Laughs – the Founders Recognize the Threat

September 15, 2013: The CDU is on its election campaign in Dresden Neumarkt. The Federal Chancellor, Angela Merkel, sits next to other high-ranking CDU politicians. The Saxon State Premier, Stanislaw Tillich, is just about to announce her when a small remote-controlled drone that has been circling above the heads of the spectators starts its descent towards the stage. It crashes onto the stage just two meters away from Angela Merkel. Tillich makes a funny comment, the audience laughs, and even the Chancellor cannot help smiling. A short while later, the German 'Pirate Party' (Piratenpartei) declares itself responsible for the action. Its intention is to show the Chancellor how it feels to be observed via a drone.

The incident is over – at least for the public. However, this marks the birth of Dedrone: Dr. Ingo Seebach cannot just ignore the incident. Together with his old friend, Jörg Lamprecht, founder of the drone manufacturer Aibotix, he discusses what would have happened, for example, if instead of a camera the drone had been armed with explosives. Jörg knows what small drones are already capable of, what developers worldwide are working on, and that the market is growing extremely fast. Together they decide to develop technology that will provide protection against civilian drones.

"Our job starts where the top of your fence ends."

Dr. Ingo Seebach, Jörg Lamprecht, Rene Seeber

The Milestones

February 2014

Dedrone is launched

  • Dedrone GmbH is founded and takes on its first employees.
  • A prototype is developed along with the DroneTracker’s current design.

December 2014

Sensor technology meets software

  • An experienced software expert joins the company and it starts gaining momentum.
  • The dedrone.com website is launched. Dedrone starts to receive numerous enquiries without one single advertisement or press release.

January 2015

Dedrone enters the market

  • Since then, there have been many reports about incidents involving drones: news of drug smuggling and spy drones, and drones over French nuclear power stations and the Elysée palace are sent around the world.
  • In January, a drone crashes in front of the White House – and Dedrone officially announces its market launch.

April 2015

2.7 million euro to finance growth and start of the beta phase

  • Dedrone delivers its first DroneTrackers to reputable customers from the automotive industry, prisons and alarm system installers for testing.
  • At the same time, the company receives 2.7 million euro to finance growth under the leadership of the venture capital investor Target Partners.

October 2015

Dedrone starts mass production

  • Due to increasing demand for the DroneTracker, Dedrone extends its production facilities and implements mass production standards and workflows.
  • Within the past five months the the size of the team has been doubled to 22 employees.

December 2015

Growing team and partner network

  • The team has been enlarged to 32 employees.
  • 80 international sales partners are under contract or in negotiations.
  • Dedrone took part in more than 20 international trade shows and conferences.
  • Dedrone was mentioned in more than 100 media articles.

January 2016

Dedrone establishes its headquarters in San Francisco

  • Dedrone relocates its global corporate headquarters from Germany to the USA and sets the course for further development and growth in North America.

May 2016

Dedrone raises $10 million in series A funding

  • The round was led by U.S.-investor Menlo Ventures, one of the world’s premier venture capital firms investing in consumer and enterprise technologies.
  • Dedrone will use the fresh capital to accelerate the advancement and sophistication of the DroneTracker and to expand its sales and marketing teams. 

July 2016

Dedrone announces cooperation with Airbus

  • Dedrone and DS Electronics and Border Security announce that they will combine their skills to protect lower airspace from small drones.
  • By pooling the capabilities of Airbus, with their long-range radar and jamming functions, and those of Dedrone, with their market-leading multi-sensor platform, both urban and rural area can be covered.

November 2016

Dedrone partners with leading European telco Deutsche Telekom AG

  • As of December 2016, the Magenta Security business unit of Deutsche Telekom offers DroneTracker to data centers, stadiums, critical infrastructure facilities, and public works in order to protect them against unauthorized drones.
  • Deutsche Telekom will provide all services – from sales, project planning, and installation through management of the system.

January 2017

Four Unicorn CEOs invest in Dedrone and Dedrone releases major software update

  • Dedrone secures the support of five well-known founders and executives from Silicon Valley, raising a seven-figure amount.
  • At the same time, Dedrone releases DroneTracker 2.5. The enhanced version is notable for even more powerful RF detection to detect drones by their radio frequency (RF) signatures.

February 2017

Dedrone announces their Series B announcement, securing $15 million in the funding round led by Felicis Ventures and by John Chambers, Executive Chairman of Cisco, who personally invested in the company.

Sources pictures and videos: Reichstags building by Jürgen Matern (Illustration by Dedrone), Angela Merkel by Ralf Roletschek, Drone Parrot Bebop 3.0 by WEI WEI (CC BY 2.0), Video by  TAR09DD, Founders by Nikolaus Frank