Tulsa County Sheriff’s Office (TCSO)

Dedrone protects more than 1.2 million fairgoers at the Tulsa State Fair in Oklahoma from drone threats

Tulsa County Sheriff’s Office (TCSO)

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Tulsa State Fair

→ Challenge

The Tulsa State Fair in Tulsa, Oklahoma, welcomed just 1.2 million visitors over 11 days in 2022 and also had an incident where a drone crashed near some children in a parking lot, concerning both law enforcement and fairgoers. Determined to keep visitors safe the following year, the Tulsa County Sheriff’s Office (TCSO) reached out to Dedrone to protect fairgoers from the threat of drones using the DedroneRapidResponse trailer.

→ Solution

In just five days, DedroneRapidResponse detected over 400 drone flights in and around the fairgrounds. Using the all-in-one multi-sensor set-up, Dedrone informed law enforcement officers of the presence of a drone, tracked drones’ flight paths, and led officers back to drone pilots to stop flights. DedroneRapidResponse’s quick setup time and mobile transportation made it easy for TCSO to place the equipment in a central location without disrupting the fair.

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→ Result

With the support of Dedrone, TCSO detected over 100 restricted area breaches by drones. The early-warning system also helped TCSO find pilots as soon as drone controllers were turned on, mitigating the risks of drones flying over fairgoers and causing safety issues.

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Before Dedrone, it was just something caught out of the corner of our eye. But now that we have Dedrone on site here, we're seeing drones everywhere, and the sheer volume is quite alarming. Dedrone has allowed us to detect different drones in our area, and we've been able to successfully locate and contact those pilots to discuss the dangers they're posing to the people at the fair.

Daniel Lutz, IT Director, sUAS Security Response Lead, TCSO

Daniel Lutz, IT Director, sUAS Security Response Lead, TCSO

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