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Neptune Terminals now has a 24/7 drone detection strategy

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Neptune Terminals plays a crucial role in the global economy as one of the largest distributors of Canadian products to global markets.

→ Challenge

Airspace security and unauthorized drone activity is a growing safety risk for Neptune Terminals, which is why they turned to Skylock, a technology partner of Dedrone, to help protect employees and operations from any disruption from an unwanted drone.

→ Solution

With a minimal investment, Neptune Terminals, in partnership with Skylock, took the first step and installed the DedroneSensor RF-100. As a Dedrone technology partner, Skylock facilitated the installation and training of Neptune Terminal’s new Dedrone system. This plug and play drone detection technology has allowed Neptune Terminals to collect accurate data, quantify unwanted drone activity in their airspace, and better understand their vulnerability to drones.

→ Result

As a result of taking the first step to secure their airspace, Neptune Terminals confirmed the level of drone activity in their airspace. Now that they have a baseline of DedroneTracker.AI data, Neptune Terminals can identify patterns in drone activity and help prioritize a more robust drone detection solution. Neptune Terminals’ data-driven approach has allowed them to work with operation and security leadership to establish immediate and long-term airspace security protocols. As they collect more data, their vulnerability to drones will continue to reveal itself, allowing them to make data-driven decisions, develop a complete counter-drone technology strategy, expand their current capabilities, and increase safety and security for their employees and operations.

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Unauthorized drones at Neptune Terminals threaten the safety of our workers, our facilities, and daily operations. With the Dedrone counter-drone system, we can quantify our drone threat and apply DroneTracker analytics to better understand the vulnerabilities to our lower airspace. We look forward to advancing our airspace security program this year with additional Dedrone solutions, and ensuring our operations remain secure from interruptions.

Systems Specialist, Neptune Terminals

Systems Specialist, Neptune Terminals

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