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→ Challenge

Ukraine is currently engaged in an armed conflict with Russia across a large swath of Ukrainian territory. While the front line has changed and morphed as the conflict has progressed, the war is now largely concentrated along a 600-mile conflict line in Eastern and Southern Ukraine. Throughout the two+ year conflict, drones have increasingly been used by both sides for reconnaissance, artillery targeting, and kinetic strikes. It has been widely reported that Ukraine is expected to produce over one million drones in 2024 alone and consume even more. The need for effective, scalable counter-unmanned aerial systems (CUAS) has never been higher.

→ Solution

The Ukrainian Government has partnered with Dedrone to provide almost 300 DedronePortable sensors which have been installed along the front line, each capable of identifying and detecting the radio signatures of nearly 250 different models of drones. These expeditionary kits are easy to transport and set up. Each includes a radio frequency (RF) sensor, ruggedized laptop, mast, two batteries, and the ability to network together via satellite for continuous in-the-field operation.  

DedronePortable effective CUAS solution
DedronePortable: drone detection, tracking, and identification capabilities

Dedrone has also provided the Ukrainians with DroneDefenders, radio frequency (RF) jammers which enable the soldier to interrupt RF communications and geolocation signals. The Dedrone system allows the Ukrainian military to not only detect, track, and identify Russian drones, but also provides an effective mitigation solution. Additionally, the DedronePortable system can be equipped with the ability to deliver disinformation to the enemy through deliberate drone spoofing capability if required for combat situations.

→ Result

With the support of Dedrone, the Ukrainian Military now has an effective CUAS solution on the battlefield that is capable of detecting, tracking, identifying, and mitigating enemy / unwanted drones. Central Command can see drone incursions across the entire frontline to help inform overall strategies.

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There were no drones in our own possession or nearby that would not be detected by Dedrone. The start-up time and UI (user interface) of Dedrone is just excellent, the API is clear with Telegram Bot created in just one day.

Roman X., Lead of Radio Communications Platoon

Roman X., Lead of Radio Communications Platoon

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