Beach Volleyball World Championship

Beach Volleyball World Championship

Vienna's most popular beach volleyball event features the sport’s most accomplished athletes, thousands of spectators, and media organizations from around the world









Vienna, Austria


The World Beach Volleyball Championship takes place every two years, featuring world-class athletes and attracting thousands of fans from around the world.

Security organizers understood that drone threats in the airspace could disrupt gameplay, threaten spectator and athlete safety, and potentially violate media agreements. To gain ensure a safe event and prevent gameplay disruptions, organizers turned to Dedrone to protect their airspace.

By installing Dedrone's smart airspace security solution, the security teams at the Beach Volleyball World Championship, gained a complete overview of the activities in their airspace. Dedrone provides information about drone flights, including early warning and drone location and model. Thanks to Dedrone, the airspace was secured, and no drones disrupted the tournament.

In our operational planning, we included the incidents in Europe in recent months and years, and accordingly we have coordinated and adapted the security system in close cooperation with the organizer.

Patrick Maierhofer, Vienna Police Spokesman in an interview with ORF


Unauthorized drone flights at sporting events have increased significantly. Low-flying drones can disrupt event operations, endanger the physical safety of spectators and athletes, and are used to violate broadcast rights by streaming live images. The organizers of the Beach Volleyball World Championships in Vienna wanted to protect themselves from these threats to ensure a safe event by leveraging Dedrone to secure their airspace.


Dedrone installed DedroneSensors to monitor activity in the airspace, providing early warning of rogue drones. Dedrone's AI/machine-learning solution, DedroneTracker, fuses data from various sensors to create vital information about drone activity. In the event of a drone incursion, the system alerts security teams in real-time and provides important information such as the drone's position and model.


The organizers of the Vienna Beach Volleyball World Championships had a complete overview of the activities in their airspace during the tournament and deployed their security personnel in a targeted manner. There were no drone incidents during the tournament days, ensuring the safety of all spectators and athletes.

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