Annual German State Festival

75th Anniversary Niedersachsen

Annual German State Festival

Public Safety, Law Enforcement




Hannover, Germany

→ Challenge

More than 500,000 people attended the "75th Anniversary Niedersachsen" festival (75 years of Lower Saxony, Germany) in the state capital, Hannover. The organizers and law enforcement needed to ensure visitor safety and an incident free event. They realized that live events are vulnerable to drones. With individuals aiming to grab unique footage from above. To provide true security, the organizers understood they needed to extend their safety measures to include the airspace, to prevent the threats posed by unauthorized drones.

→ Solution

Dedrone’s partner Nocturne Drones installed the Dedrone solution to protect spectators and its own drone show from threats posed by unauthorized drones. Dedrone's command and control (C2) software, DedroneTracker.AI, sent drone detection and pilot location alerts to law enforcement in real-time so they could respond to the threat immediately.

→ Result

The 75th Anniversary Niedersachsen festival was protected from dangerous drone flights, and more than 500,000 visitors celebrated peacefully. During the event, the Security Operations Center (SOC) had complete airspace awareness through the Dedrone interface, including drone and pilot location. Leveraging Dedrone, the police were able to detect multiple drones, identify their pilots' locations and stop the flights.

Customer quotation mark

We know that drones can be a significant threat to public events and our drone shows. We are delighted to partner with Dedrone to ensure the safety of visitors, artists, and staff. Dedrone's comprehensive solution and intuitive user interface made it easy for the security team to protect the 75th Anniversary Niedersachsen celebration. Law enforcement officers quickly tracked down several pilots and stopped their drone flights.

Jens Hillenkötter, CEO Nocturne Drones

Jens Hillenkötter, CEO Nocturne Drones

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