Stadiums and Arenas

The number of unauthorized drones flying in is increasing, even though “No Drones” signs are posted everywhere. Stop them from flying into the airspace, breaching photography and video rights, and endangering the general public and players.

dedrone Solutions

  • Ensure safety of spectators and infrastructure
  • Prevent drones from interrupting games
  • Prevent copyright infringement
  • Integrate into security systems
  • Notify staff of drone flights even before they start

Case Study

Protecting Attendees & Athletes from Rogue Drones

The event organizers of the Beach Volleyball Championship in Vienna, Austria, took a proactive approach to integrating airspace security technology by Dedrone into their event planning. They stayed on top of drone pilots by detecting rogue drones in advance and deploying security measures.

"The risks for prominent, attention-grabbing events are manifold. The security personnel must be prepared for all dangers - including drone strikes."


How Dedrone Can Help

Detect drone

DedroneSensors detect drones up to 5 km away and give early warning of drone-based threats, often even before the drone takes off.

Alert Security Teams

Warnings and alerts are triggered automatically and can be sent to a mobile phone, monitoring platform, or any API-compatible system.

Seize Contraband

By knowing exactly when and where a rogue drone intrudes, authorities can seize any contraband the drone drops.

Capture drone

Once a drone is disabled, it can be retrieved, confiscated, and examined to determine the nature of the threat.

Track drone

By incorporating DedroneSensors and other sensors, such as camera, users can track the flight path of the drone and reveal the location of the pilot.

Provide evidence

All alerts, flight paths, and video footage of drone threats are automatically recorded and catalogued. These are easily exported to share with law enforcement.

Locate and arrest pilot

Dedrone’s direction-finding technology locates the positions of drones and their pilots, adding important situational awareness of the airspace.

Harden Security

Drones often look for security gaps, on both physical and IT infrastructure. By identifying potential areas of exploit, teams can examine their security for potential gaps.

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