Public Events

With the increase of drones being used to capture live event footage and for security, event organizers must discuss drone safety at the onset of planning, to ensure drone security measures are implemented. Whether for sporting events, political events, or other large gatherings of people, event personnel must plan for rogue or malicious use of drones when they consider how to protect their attendees, spectators, and athletes.

dedrone Solutions

  • Protect attendees, spectators, and athletes
  • Provide early warning of drone threats
  • Can be deployed in portable and semi-permanent configurations

Case Study

Warriors’ NBA Championship Parade

Dedrone sensors and software were deployed along the parade route of the 2017 Golden State Warriors NBA Championship Parade, held in Oakland, California. In cooperation with local law enforcement, the Dedrone solution enforced a “no-drone zone” along the parade route, protecting fans and players alike.

We are requesting that no drones are flown in the area of the parade.

Johnna Watson, Oakland Police Department

How Dedrone Can Help

Detect drone

Dedrone RF Sensors detect drones up to a mile away and give early warning of drone-based threats, often even before the drone takes off.

Alert Security Teams

Warnings and alerts are triggered automatically and can be sent to a mobile phone, monitoring platform, or any API-compatible system.

Track drone

By incorporating sensors such as RF or video cameras, users can track the flight path of the drone and reveal the location of the pilot.

Jam drone

Active countermeasures, including RF and GPS jamming, can easily and quickly remove a drone before it gets too close to the facility.

Capture drone

Once a drone is disabled, it can be retrieved, confiscated, and examined to determine the nature of the threat.

Locate and arrest pilot

Dedrone’s direction-finding technology locates the positions of drones and their pilots, adding important situational awareness of the airspace.

Provide evidence

All alerts, flight paths, and video footage of drone threats are automatically recorded and catalogued. These are easily exported to share with law enforcement.

Harden Security

Drones often look for security gaps, on both physical and IT infrastructure. By identifying potential areas of exploit, teams can examine their security for potential gaps.

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