Cybersecurity Whitepaper

Drones threaten the physical security of enterprises and their cybersecurity. Hackers and cyber terrorists take advantage of drones as a quiet, discreet technology, with the capability to carry heavy payloads over fences and right next to structures without attention. Nefarious actors use drones to sniff networks, intercept data, disrupt communications, or hack into servers. With the availability of consumer drones to the global market, pilots with malicious intention can hack networks, exposing sensitive client information and corporate intellectual property.

The whitepaper covers:

· How the integration of drones to international airspace is exposing new security vulnerabilities and gaps to lower airspace

· An overview of the hacking techniques nefarious drone pilots are turning to do compromise corporate security

· How drone detection technology diagnoses airspace activity, enabling security providers to protect their operations against all drone threats

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