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30 Seconds Are Enough – Smuggling Into Jails

Drones are being used more and more often to smuggle cell phones, drugs and weapons into jails. Our video, shot in a local prison, shows how quickly and easily it can be done.

Airborne Interception of Confidential Data

The drone operator can use cutting-edge technology (e.g. “Snoopy”) to intercept confidential data.
Passwords, bank account details and other data can be siphoned off via a WLAN connection.

Drone Videos of the Apple Campus

Time and time again, drones fitted with high-resolution video cameras have managed to capture images of the Apple Campus construction site. After they were posted on YouTube, the videos were immediately and globally available.

Espionage with a Hummingbird Drone

A spy drone that looks like a hummingbird was developed in 2011(!).
It is not only tiny, but also perfectly camouflaged.