See us at the Energy Drone Coalition

- • Location: Houston, TX

Dedrone will be attending the Energy Drone Coalition Summit on June 20-21 in Houston, TX. The event provides the latest information and ideas on UAV technology to energy providers in the oil & gas, power, mining and chemical industries. We will join end-users and asset owners for drone/UAV technology and services at energy companies throughout the world, collaborating and sharing news, market intelligence on the drone detection industry. Dedrone, along with the other attendees of the Energy Drone Coalition Summit, aims to collectively work together to advance the use of drones in energy operations. For more information on our work with the energy industry, visit here, and our view of drone detection in energy facilities, visit here.

We're at booth #16! Don't miss our use case session, on Wednesday, June 21st from 3:15pm – 3:45pm.