Global Drone Blog

A Week in the Life of Dedrone's Global Team

by Susan Friedberg

Dedrone’s international team members are located around the world and comprise the brightest engineers, software developers, physicists and business development professionals. In a single week, we’re running on all cylinders from business operations, sales, marketing, customer support, production and research and development.

If you’re in the U.S., you’ll find team members in our San Francisco and Washington, D.C. offices. In Europe, we’re located in Kassel, Germany, the UK and The Netherlands. On any given day, we can answer questions fluently in twelve languages, including German, English, French, Thai, Cantonese, Mandarin, Polish, Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic, Dutch and Croatian.

To show how we serve our customers and partners, check out how the team was moving from September 25 – 29, 2017.

In Helsinki, FinlandJeremy Fitton showcased the company at FinnSec 2017 International Safety and Security Fair.

In Austria, VP of Sales Bobby Long and Jan Schween presented the Dedrone platform to local security advisers and members of the defense industry. 

In Dallas, Texas, U.S. team members Clint Russell, Kunal Jain, and Jackson Markey accepted the ASIS 2017 Accolade Award at the organization’s annual conference. At the 63rd ASIS Conference, the team exhibited the Dedrone platform for over 22,000 security professionals. Jackson Markey led a learning presentation on hacker drones and cyberterrorism.


In Bucharest, Romania, our Federal Business Development Sales Lead, Phil Pitsky joined our partners World Wide Technology at the 2nd Annual Global SOF Symposium – Europe, discussing drone detection with special operation forces and strategic security issues in Eastern Europe.

In Kassel, Germany, our software development team, including Director of Engineering Michael Dyballa, Andreas Gibhardt, CTO Rene Seeber, Frederic Beister and Kai Baumgart looked over Henning Meyer’s shoulder as they worked on coding for our next product update


In Mexico City, our Sales Manager Robson Augusto presented a live demonstration along with local partners. 

Also in Kassel, our executive leadership team, including COO Ingo Seebach welcomed our strategic advisor, Lt. Gen. Keith Walker (Rt.), Menlo Ventures’ Venky Ganesan, Felicis Ventures’ Aydin Senkut, and Target Partners’ Tony Leach to meet the team, take a tour of the operations and grab a beer at Oktoberfest.


In Washington, D.C., Federal Sales Lead Lisa Meserve joined technology solutions and services leader LEIDOS to exhibit at their 2017 Supplier Innovation & Technology Symposium.

In South Carolina, Sales Engineer JB McDowell led a live demonstration with our partner Battelle. 

At our headquarters in San Francisco, our sales, operations and marketing team members kept the global machine running. Fredi and our inside sales manager, Taylor Ball followed-up on sales calls and researched new leads. Lucy CyganekAlly Chen and Susan Friedberg, balanced spreadsheets and budgets, developed content, designed new materials and planned out more events for the year. Minnie waited patiently for someone to throw her the ball.

Our Kassel office manager, Kamy Banks completed inventory and oversaw the team’s sourcing and acquisition of materials,VP of Technology David Prantl worked on building an antenna, and CEO Joerg Lamprecht held an interview with German television network, RTL.